Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chronology of my Risik Event

Hi all, as many of you know, B's family came last Sunday for 'risik'. Here is the chronology of what happened on that day =)
  • 6.30 am  -  woke up early and cleaned the house though Mom had cleaned it the day before.
  • 9.30 am - helping mom cooking few extra dish because she was scared some of the guests cannot eat Nasi Beriyani.
  • 10 am -  B sent a message said they were on the way from Senawang. Freaked out a bit but still can control.haha
  • 11 am -  B sent another message saying that they were in front of UITM Lendu.  I ran crazily to take shower. Yea I waited till the last minute to take shower. Telling the whole house they were here. But my family members seemed to feel nothing =.='
  • 11.30am -  Asked B how many people were coming. He texted: 17 adults + 7 kids. *faint*. Told mum bout the news. Mum freaked out. She was scared that the food wouldnt be enough for everyone. The night before,  B confirmed that only 20 pax were coming.  At this point I didnt feel anything anymore.

Mom ordered Nasi beriyani for 25pax. The menu consisted of Nasi beriyani, ayam masak merah, acar and dalca   *Something wrong with my camera. Had to use Mom's phone to snap the picture from my camera.haha

My sister, Iffa made this. This is err....what's that word.err...pudding, no. Aiyo, cannot remember the word. Anyway,  Thank you =)
  • 12.15 pm - B sent another message. They were coming. They waited for another car from Bangi to arrive. Altogether, there were 4 cars. Nervous and sweat.
  • 12.20 pm - They arrived. Too many of them. I didnt know who was who. Awkward moments here and there. Everyone was invited to the hall. Mum again freaked out coz some of them had to sit on the tiles because our mats cannot fit more people. I ran in my baju kurung using back door to Umi's house, to borrow  mats. Ran back home. Sweat a ship. Mom already took the mat in Adik's room. =.=' Very the sik ayu.haha
  • Sat with them in the hall. Whispered to my sis-in-law, Kak Maz where should I be, in the kitchen or join the crowd. She said to join.Sat for a while. Then mak asked to get ready to serve the food. Few moments later, Kak Maz entered the kitchen. Said they had started discussing. I was confused. I tot want to berkenal kenalan je?? Lepak with kak Maz and my sis in the kitchen.

My mum and Abah. And jurucakap rombongan lelaki. The piece of cloth in the middle was where the food was placed. =)
  • About 15minutes later, food were asked to be brought in.  Sent the food, drinks, glasses, mugs. When suddenly, Ummi passed me a casing. I opened it. It's a ring. I was blur. We have agreed wayyyy earlier there shouldnt be any ring. Spontan je keluar dari mulut ' Apa benda ni?" Ummi asked me to keep it. I didnt have time to think anything because mom was busy sending food in. I shouldnt be seen lazing around when mom did all the work right??hehe

Cincin tanda means somebody has asked about me. =) The ring fit perfectly. Lucky me * you know I have fat fingers..hahaha)
  • While they guests were eating, I played with my nephew. Stole glances and smiles with B. Malu aku nak tengok direct kat dia coz I know people were watching. heheh

The boy in a cow jumper.hahaha
  • 1.15pm - The rombongan nak balik dah. huhu Salam here and there. Bid farewell. Nak amik gmabar tapi malu.... Phewwwwwww

B's family gave us a basket of fruits and Sarawak Layer Cake. The cake is very the nyem thus, cepatla habis tak sempat snap gambar =(

That's bits of what happened the other day.However, due to the numbers of people coming, many thought that I got engaged. But, it's just a risik kinda thing. The engagement ceremony will be this 2nd of April, my house. All of you are invited =)


Later that night, when I had time with mom alone, I asked her what she thinks about B. You know her exact words are? =)

"Okla, nampak macam budak baik. Hensem pulak tu"

And I smiled all the way till I sleep. Bangga kita!! See mom. told you I wouldnt choose anyone that would not match your likings. The only thing is that he's from Sarawak =)


sword said...

hehehe..very nervous that time.

valentine87 said...

wahhhh~~~ so happy for you jeee~~ melatops....makin semangat ku polah hantaran~~

Alex said...

I am very the happy for you!!! Haha!!... Woot woot woot...(menari sik senonoh)

DauS said...

dah bosa dah akak den ni ha. banggo2

Sue Andy's said...

"Like" (thumbs up)

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