Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am a total bitch and drama queen.

We had our graduation dinner tonight. Guess what? The first 20 minutes of the event I spent it on crying!! Such a loser.

Every one on the same table must have thought that I am a drama queen. Wont blame all of you for that. Honestly, I myself fail to figure out why oh why I cried. Was it because of her? Was it because my unstable emotions? Was it because my imbalance hormones??

Honestly, I spent hours of today drowning myself in my own tears. When I looked at the sirih junjung, I cried. At the mirror, I cried. At the picture, I cried. At the ring, I cried. The stack of papers also I cried. That happened in the morning till afternoon. Late afternoon I was pretty ok.

But during the dinner, I cried again. What a bitch. I am so so so so so so sorry to cry like a little girl. But if you know me well, I dont easily cry in front of people. Not even my boyfriend. So if cried, something must have been wrong.

I need to get home asap. The more I stay, the crazier I'll get.

I have no intention or whatsoever to make people look bad, feel bad or think bad. What ever happened tonight was out of my control. Again I am sorry. Really really sorry. I have humiliated myself and made the rest uncomfortable with me and pretty much ruined their night. I am sorry....

Am gonna rest now. I am tired. and my stomach is aching again. Tomorrow I'll blog about the rest of the night =)

I apologise, deeply from me =(


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