Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More baby picture

at 13 months, Ikha is able to walk. My brother said she dislikes it when her parents hold her hands when she walks. That's how she got scratches like in the picture, jatuh tersembam.haha Independent girl, huh?

My recent hobby is stalking my brothers' facebook, looking at my niece and nephew's pictures. Dah besar dah. Kejap je.

It's the final month of assignments. So everyone is soo tense that everybody becomes sensitive. I have one presentation tomorrow and I still blur of what to present. Though it's for 5 minutes only, that's huge. On a different note, The girl keeps sending messages asking me to join ICAF. I am tempted to join. but the performance will be on the final week of March. I could be really busy with Drama and my engagement final preparation. Shouldnt have too much on our plate, right?

My classmates and I will be performing for our Malam Ambang Graduan, end of this month too. So we have just added another pile of work on our shoulder.haha MAG, a dinner for all year 4 undergraduates who will be graduating soon!! Am gonna be a graduate!! ok tak yah menjerit. and we'll be performing in front of Rais Yatim. double the stress doncha think? I have never performed in front of any VVIP before.hehe quite nervous.

I thought I could have a blast of time this semester. Which almost cannot be seen. 3 subjects, but the workload? plus the events and all. and my engagement!!!hehe

speaking of engagement, the hantarans from both sides are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeeeeehooooooooooooooo..... yea I know there are about 4 weeks before the actual date. Orang siapkan hantaran 1 week before. aku, SEBULAN!! haha the reason being is I am still an undergraduate. What ever time I have are to be divided between school and personal. I am satisfied that the list of things to be done, half have been ticked! 

Mom called yesterday, saying that B's parcel had arrived.He sent 2 frames, one to be put on the hantaran, with the cheque. I asked him what's for the other frame? He said it's to put our engagement picture.=))))))))))) I didnt know he was sending 2 frames. I tot only 1. That's very thoughtful dear. 

oops, terpanjang pulak post hari ni. That's all peeps. More updates coming soon.hehe


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