Friday, October 29, 2010

Jom Kahwin!

Sejak aku dah bagi tau mak abah aku nak kahwin, kepala aku start serabut. Serabut sebab pasal duit. Boleh ke gtu? Orang lain serabut fikir tanggung jawab. aku pasal duit. rata-rata blog kahwin yang aku pegi (ye aku segan nak tanya orang so aku pegi stalk blog orang) semua bagitau kalau takde at least rm15K takyah la fikir nak kahwin. aku punya saving baru half dari tu. mana nak cekau lagi separuh?

so last week, aku googled, yahooed apa lagi korang nak, asik ternampak benda alah ni:

Serious, suma blog bakal-bakal pengantin ade je iklan ni. Blog kad kahwin,hantaran, mak handam pak handam suma ada. so aku pun interested to know la kan since tagline die 'mana nak carik duit untuk orang pokai macam kau'... takde la. aku made up je but the message transferred to me almost like that la. so click la. dah tu E-book ropenye.....

mula-mula malas nak layan. tp ko tau tak kalau dah desperate tak berduit, ko buat ape sajork. so aku pun TERbeli la buku tu. tak mahai mana pon eh..rm20. tak sampai 10 minute bayar ada email. soh donlod. so aku donlod la. pastu tak baca pon..miahaha

sampai la beberapa hari kendian, aku pon start la baca. pergh!! memang best. dia cakap sikit2 je pasal hukum-hukum kahwin ni. tp fokus ngn pengurusan kewangan. memang bagus la. bagi idea tips macam mana nak jimat. nak tambah pendapatan. memang berbaloi for rm20.

serious stress woo pike hal duit. tapi takpe. dalam buku tu pun ada sebut. kalau niat ikhlas, insyaAllah semua urusan dipermudah. dipermudah je ye. bukan duit datang gedebuk atas kepala. so chaiyo!!

oh ye..kepada yg nak beli buku tu, mai la klik sini.berbaloi baloi orait!

p/s ye ni part time aku resell e-book nih. kalau berminat, beli la ye. tapi kot-kot rasa tak nak kawen lagi tp ingin membantu diriku ini berduit tahun depan, tolong la beli. eheh win-win situation bah..=)


i have so many things to say but have to go to the toilet so i'll say in a summary manner

torrent HIMYM is slow bahu tergeliat sebab menggeliat kuat sgt malam tadi basuh baju malas balik ukm rumah belum kemas minyak kereta empty exam next week shit! jgn menyibuk boleh tak bla bla bla denise buat bodo thesis macam bini gantung takbertali duit makin skit nak breakfast apa pagi ni mom's going to kuching adik going's to penang will be alone nak balik bila tak sure malas $^&*()(&%^

*tak tahan nak pi toilet!
Thursday, October 28, 2010

The lazy Sarawak Layer Cake

Last week, my abah and umi went to Brunei to arrange some matters. They bought Layer Cake for us.

You know, for all the years i have been eating Kek Lapis Sarawak, i've seen so many designs and taste different flavours. but never in my life, i met this kind of layer cake.

did you see it? did you? did you?

Ok la, i'll tell you.
  1. it's not layered bah...see, got holes la...when you touch it, the slice's kinda wiggly because it wasnt layered properly.
  2. it's like the baker arrange all the pieces and wrap it. i also can do that.
  3. FYI, this was bought at the airport so it should be the quality one right?
as it looks, the taste is also horrible. i believe this cake will just rot in the fridge.miahhaa
Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you

it took a lot of my guts to announce about my wedding plan. i am not sure how people around me would react. i was not confident about the acceptance of people around me. I am not working yet and some people consider 24 is a very young age to get married. and most important thing my partner is from across the South China Sea. hence the lame previous post. hehe

but Alhamdulillah, all the feedbacks were encouraging. Happy am I!! 

But of course there were advices from the elders about the risk i am taking. Especially my mom and my grandma. They are worried about me marrying a man from Borneo because definitely i'll be following him there. quote, " Nanti sakit pening sape nak peduli"...since few years ago they have been dropping hints to find a man nearer to home. but the problem is i never find any good man like B. no this is not a cliche. I think i never find some one else because i never look for one =)

 if you know B you'll agree with my choice. He's a good man, patient and a bit blur sometimes. He turns his life 360% degree to prove to my parents that he's capable of taking care of me. He's not a boy I dated in secondary school, he is a different man. but he's not perfect. there's also the negative sides of him. but so do I. that's what a couple should be right? completing the missing parts of each other, no? yes i would say.

well, like itself is a gamble. and marriage is included. if i marry a man from the same village pun it's not a guarantee i'll be safe and happy, right?

but i believe in asking for blessing before doing anything. i hope my family is happy with my choice and will continue praying for it =)

p/s i know few would say 'alah belum kahwin bole la puji2". i know that. but could you please preserve this happy moment? at least till i am married? =)
Monday, October 25, 2010
i dunno what title i should put for this post. =)

Finally, after much prayers, hopes, fights - B and I are getting married end of next year. The exact date is yet to be decided but it's in the month of December. Parents from both sides are informed about this and we got the blessing. it still feels surreal to me but well, i am heading towards a new journey now. Pray for us!

I have not started with any preparation yet. too early dont you think? But his parents will come to my house in Malacca for Merisik and Bertunang next April. Tickets have been booked. Now waiting for the day to come, practically half a year from now.hehe

i am worried much about the flight tickets. i swear the moment we are done choosing the date i;m soo gonna book my family tickets. that instant. because if my calculation is correct, it will burn RM5000 of my savings. die la..

now my head is kinda serabut. have to think about the preparation but must follow the budget strictly. not working yet but got la some savings..hehe
Saturday, October 23, 2010

How I spent my Friday~

Had a great outing with Ambun Leen. Pics will do the talking. =)

 IKEA meatballs to die for~

 di rumah urut..

motif gambar ni kan?

Silence is golden

i couldn't help to post about this. I've been remaining silence as much as i could after the misunderstanding.because i don't want to make things worst. but seems that you couldn't keep your mouth shut. I've heard many disturbing versions about 'us' vs 'u' which kinda make things worst.

i know every one has their own interpretation about things happening around them. but you chose to sell the stories around. it's just a stupid teeny weeny small misunderstanding and argument but now have turned so big and bigger by your versions of stories.

i am not angry. but it's disturbing. i thought the time had passed and we should move on right? but you keep hanging on it like we are the 'Mean Girls' in the movie, whatdaheck?

i used to say in my old blog that finding friends to share your feelings it's alright. but if the friends turn into quite a number, that become rumors. and worst, FITNAH.* forgot the word in English*. haha.. the saddest thing the people don't even know what's really happening but never want to ask our version of the story. then it's a win-lose situation.

if you want this to work, stop passing stories that you yourself are not sure of. self assuming can become self destructing. and most important thing is to do reflection. that easy.if you got the answer, contact me. aite?

k.i will continue diam-diam jah minding my own business. Plus not worth it anyway. Chapter 5 go go go!!

p/s i am done with quarreling with people do i love it. matila.haha it's so childish and immature. so do me a favor k? I've had enough negative impressions by people around me and i know this 'us' vs 'u' thing will make it worst for me. i am always the bad one. you should know better.

Sugarland - Stuck Like Glue

Mmmm better...mmm better...
Absolutely no one that knows me better
No one that can make me feel sooo goooood
How did we stay so long together?
When everybody, everybody said we never would
And just when I, I start to think they're right
That love has died...

There you go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There you go making me feel like a kid
Won't you do it and do it one time?
There you go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know-oo I'm never letting this go-ooo

I'm stuck on you
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue
You and me baby we're stuck like glue
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue
You and me baby we're stuck like glue

Some days I don't feel like trying
Some days you know I wanna just give up
When it doesn't matter who's right, fight about it all night
Had enough
You give me that look
"I'm sorry baby let's make up"
You do that thing that makes me laugh
And just like that...

There you go making my heart beat again,
Heart beat again,
Heart beat again
There you go making me feel like a kid
Won't you do it and do it one time
There you go pulling me right back in,
Right back in,
Right back in
And I know-oo I'm never letting this go-ooo

I'm stuck on you
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue
You and me baby we're stuck like glue
Whutooo whutooo
Stuck like glue
You and me baby were stuck like glue

p/s to B, let's pray that everything will go as planned =)
Friday, October 22, 2010

my mum is really cute!

well, who wouldnt say that about their mom. But seriously, she is! Yesterday, at 2 in the afternoon, i posted in my blog that i miss her. i didnt see her for two weeks due to work load. and have started to miss her. and i believe all mothers have the instinct to telepathically connect to their children. My mom called me at 4.30 pm the same day.

i was shocked and I thought something came up as she NEVER calls me in the afternoon. it has always been around 8pm-9pm. so i answered the phone. her voice was jovial. she sounded really happy. so i asked:

Nurul    : Kenapa mak tiba- tiba call? (why suddenly you call?)
Mak     : saje...boring takda kerja nak buat (i got no work to do).
Nurul   : la takde keja rupanya. hahah

you see, the duration of that phone call was about 5minutes where averagely phone calls with her usually take about 1 -2 minutes. yea we dont talk much in the phone unless for important stuffs. but we talk a lot when we see each other. so her call yesterday was a surprised to me. she was chatty. usually she isnt like that. she talked about so many things on the phone. about car service etc etc.about my dad in Brunei. about her going to Kuching (yea she is so excited bout the trip as they will be going to Serikin!)

i think my mum can sense that i've been missing her. and she misses me too!

i have always loved to see her pictures looking at her grandchildren. i could see that glow on her face =)
*adam interprem lak pulak kat sini..haha*

there are many many more incidents about mom's cuteness. the recent one was to have a Facebook account. you see, when mak wants some help from her children, she does not directly ask from us. She will drop hints as usual. so earlier this month she wanted to have a FB account too. well, she had wanted it for soo long but i tot she was not serious. actually, she was influenced by my dad. haha she gets excited whenever my brothers upload their kids' pictures. she wants to take a look too but usually she waits for me or my bro or my abah to show them to her. she gave so many hints to me (as i was the only one at home) but i did not understand it at first. cut it short, i created a new account for her. and email too since it is compulsory. after all the process and what not, she told me this:

"Kau tolong ingat eh mak punya I.D and password. mak mesti tak ingat"

i found that to be cute! it was pure innocence. and believe me or not, she has not logged in into her FB till today =).

well, my mum wanted an account as her colleagues all have ones. and also to check on us. she would go to our profile and read our statuses (yes my dear siblings, mak did that!). though without her own account, she knows to go to FB. and type our profile names (she used desktop at home, and my dad's account has never been logged out). so she knows what we do, we go where, we do what,

yes firdaus, that's how mom figured out you were 'kering' earlier this month.haha.... and her comments to me always Kau asyik cakap pasal makan je.. well mom, your daughter loves food. what to do?

Ok la.been talking a lot bout my mom. because i miss her! esok balik yeah! esok balik yeah! *and the chant continues till i reach home tomorrow..bahaha*

p/s love your mom!!
Thursday, October 21, 2010

i create my own happy ending!

So far, the day has gone well. it's 2.30pm right now. i am happy and contented. the morning started with a cup of nescafe. then Ambun, Leen and I went early to PPBL to consult Dr. Nacky regarding our final project. Needless to say, he seemed amazed! and the word 'fantastic' came out from his mouth to describe our activities. am happy bebeh.

then, there came the project presentation for Life Science. it went well. towards the end, when Dr concluded everything, i think i am the happiest person because after all the works, the project was a success. Dr was happy, my group members were happy and most importantly, i was and still is happy.Alhamdulillah.

i created this happiness for myself. if i have not done the lit works, i wont get the complement from Dr Nacky.

i have not experienced the trouble organising the life science project, i believe i'll just like 'eh...presentation's done, so what?' you know. hee

i hope to complete my thesis tonight and can go back this weekend to my hometown. i miss Mak terribly. macam lama tak jumpa but true, i miss my Mom. =(

k la. bye!
Wednesday, October 20, 2010

bwahahahahahhahahahaha he got scheduled jab --> hilang kemachoan. but still maintain the cuteness.

p/s aih rindu la ngan adam~~~
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good friends are hard to keep but they'll come around in need

First of all, i would like to say Alhamdulillah for all the best things happened to me this week. and also last week. though i've been through a lot especially last week, i had and always have friends standing by me, cursing, laughing and crying together with me.

this is Ambun. One of the greatest guy i know =)

Me and Leen. People used to call us twin because of our vertically challenged body.haha

I want to dedicate this special thanks to dear Friends Ambun and Leen for sticking with me through thick and thin. and last week i think i've felt the most wonderful feeling while working together. we were angry but we still laughed, teased and cursed together. i definitely do not want to rewind back that time but the memory will always bring smile to my face. thank you guys!

and also special thanks for both of them as i received one of the highest awards i ever got which is getting into the Dean's list. i know it's nothing for some people but for me it's damn heyyuuuugeee! some people might say it's your own effort bla bla bla but i'd say it's a group work effort. Ambun and Leen were there when i was at the bottom about 2 years ago and still with me till today. we've had our own rough patch but that never stop us from being friends. we cursed at the assignments. we shared good moments. ok touching la pulak kan. hehe

smiling awkwardly while receiving the cert form the Dean

ambun, i know you'll read this and from the bottom of my heart, shank shyou!! let's work together to achieve what we want to taught me how to dance.well i think i dance better than a kayu right now. haha again thank you. there's nothing i can do to repay everything back. jom pegi genting!!hehe
Monday, October 18, 2010


  • just done with the project in SMK Dusun Nanding. it was a blast!
  • just done with literature assignment
  • just done with half a page of Chapter 5 of my thesis.
  • just done with the laundry.
  • just done with the cleaning.
  • just done watching Glee new season.
i am done with the rest. i am enjoying myself at the moment with friends. cant wait to go back to Malacca this weekend. oh rindu sama bed muah muah

p/s you take me for granted and now you are selling your side of the story to everybody? wow. well, i'm done with you =)
Thursday, October 14, 2010

a new day, perhaps?

a note to cheer everybody =)

so nurul, walk the talk!
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

i miss them!

everyday i'll look at their pictures or watch their videos. it's kinda therapy for me because hearing their laughter or watching their innocent acts never fail to make me laugh.


ikha the japaness empress/ or korean hot chick..haha

huwaaa...miss them terribly. but my dad seems to be missing them more. you know sometimes he will 'agah/tease' the babies picture? like he imagines that Ikha and Adam in that picture will smile or giggle back to him? our house is filled with the babies pictures. especially on my dad's computer table. hehe sometimes in silent suddenly my dad will talk to the picture? can you imagine how much a grandpa has been missing his grandchildren?? my dad also spends some time to edit and reedit the babies picture. mentang2 free kan..hehe

see the examples below:

both with cute glasses!

see...atok oh atok...

this one was edited last Sunday. remember ikha had a twin sister but didnt make it? so atok imagine ikha with her twin sister!

addam in shah alam - siap ada tarikh hoccay!

there are more tp malas nak korek fb. if you go to my fb acc, you'll see many many of these pictures edited by my dad. cool kan ada atok yang IT savvy ni? he used Photoshop k. aku pon pakai photoscape je.haha

itu je kot. Umar, if you are reading this, can i come over to your house this Sunday?
Tuesday, October 12, 2010

'Twas a long day

Yesterday was a very tiring and emo day for me. It's the first day of 'The DAY' if you know what i mean. to add to that, i have a small but painful bump behind me that i dont know what it is. so period pain + bump pain made me angry easily.

Ambun Leen and I went to Kajang to find for our project certificate paper. the school has specifically asked that for the students. so off we went. During lunch, the school called and told us we have to organize the project on Friday since there'll be PTK exam on Saturday. then we were told to send a permission letter to PPD Hulu Langat. i was like 'What?!!' because we are rushing against time and i am afraid PPD will respond to our letter late. that's one thing la.serabut kepala hotak.

oh ya btw, we have to send it by yesterday. can you imagine that? so we rushed back to UKM and went to the faculty. I am so glad that i have Ambun because if not i dont think we can get the letter from UKM. our supervisor is not available till today so she told Menn to deal with her PA. oK BOLEH PA DIA TAKDE CUTI KEGUGURAN????? not blaming her though. so ambun berjaya menggoreng dan another lady at the office helped us to write the letter reluctantly. but the draft for the letter is back in the hostel than again we rushed back, Leen took her laptop and off we went to Fac. after we sent the soft copy, we waited there for about 1/2 hour.

it was already 15 minutes past 4. i was not comfortable, the heat rashes started to tickle my whole body and the pain is almost unbearable. We got the letter and the kakak helped us to fax it to PPD. Though she was busy, she still helped us so i thank you kakak!

back in the hostel, my room was messy and dusty.aiyoo

I dont mind doing the work but i hate it when people dont respond during the discussion. what's the point then? you people dont even bother to ask about the progress and yet tak respond bila orang bawak discuss kat facebook. this is a group work than act like a group. i dont mind doing this project with only two groups or only my group. nak tunggu korang respond punya la lambat. if anything turn out to be something bad, who are you guys going to blame? of course la yg do the work. so, educate yourself with the progress. aku repot ngn dr baru tau. Do us some favor ok?

p/s ye aku geram. sebab aku pun ada asaimen nak buat. nak tunggu respon pon makan setengah hari. nak kutuk aku cakap aku berkira? silakan. sebab korang pon berkira buat kerja. 

p/p/s lama aku tak emo macam ni 
Saturday, October 9, 2010
malas ku gik. ada pun cam sekda nak. k manas ati ada la. pa la guna. time suk2 jak ada.time sedih alu soh froggy mujuk. pa ya. bagus gerek ngan froggy jak. at least nya cute gik.

errghhh...geram eh.
Friday, October 8, 2010

Thank you Allah

you know, i have a little time today to read all my posts for the past few months. boy i was a depressing person wasnt i? when i read back, i was like, was i really that upset? are u sure i am the one who typed those posts? how come i was soo negative?

 was searching for 'hit head' picture and Bieber came out.hahahha

well sorry fellas. i guess i was. But this week happened to be my rainbow week as one good thing came after another. well started last week already. first, i went to check the name list for Dean's list student. my friend told me bout it. my roommate told me too that my name is on the list but i just did not want to believe it because i know can i get into the list rite. so i went to check. first scanning, i didnt see my name. so oh maybe they were wrong. second time, yea Siti Nurul Ain Bt Abdul Razak was there. but i was like "well, maybe some one got the same name like me'. third scanning..there it was. my name. my Matrik number. though Leen was with me, i dont think she noticed how happy i was. really really happy. i am damn happy because i never expect myself to be in that list. well, another reason to believe in miracle, dont we? =)

the second thing was last Monday..or was it Tuesday. i was totally forgotten about it till i read my friends' status. the official result for practicum was out. though i've heard it from my supervisor, i wanted to see it black and white on paper. opkos la kan. so there it was. I got A-. nothing to brag but given my school condition and the classes i was teaching, it was a  total bless. i guess if you do something whole heartedly, God will definitely reward you. =)

My extremely 'energetic' 1A students - Thank you!!
My macho 4G students. - Thanks a lot guys!!
the third blessing i received this week was the marks for my second assignment for my literature subject. you see, for this assignment, we were asked to work in pair and create a lesson plan with a teaching aid with it. preferably in Powerpoint format. so Leen and I did not discuss the task until after raya holiday and we were left with 4 days to complete it. we didnt have any idea so we just adapted from my lesson plan during practicum. the activities were reaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy simple. just some checklist and fill in the blanks. i think our only strenght was colorful during other group presentation both of us felt really down because those presentations were fantastic. they had videos, sound effect and incorporporate many other softwares. memang dah tawakal habis. though we had an extra week to do changes (because we were the 2nd last group to present), we didnt do any except to add some animation. we tot of putting a video but somehow we didnt. so after all the presentations, Dr Nacky's comments were devastating. i tot he was talking about our group. he said he was dissapointed bla bla Yesterday, he showed us our marks. i didnt want to know at first. but well, opkos you want rite. the moment i saw the marks, i wanted to scream. we got 14 out of 15. Leen and i couldnt believe it so i took another peek. we got full marks for Idea and creativity and only 4 for language. my god. our lame idea got full marks!!!! Thank you Dr and Allah.

from Mr Nobody poem. Mind you i took half and hour to color the picture using Paint and add the 'finger marks'.hahaha
and the last thing, my tudung business with suzie. we have a new supplier who offers better quality lycra hijab and we love them to bits. our previous supplier's hijab wasnt that good and we got complaints from the customer. so nak jaga customer opkos kena usaha bagi yang terbaik. our effort paid off. yang penting, ibu mengandong yang tabah ok, mummy suzie. i hope our business will get better and more customers.pray for us! 

alaaaaaaaaaaaa....takde gambar tudong plak...=(

This post is not to brag. it is to show how i feel after weeks of stressful situation. i hope everyone will have great things in their live too. =)



Friendship is hardwork. it is not a day work. you build them over the years. you hold on to them with your dear life. you believe them like faith. you walk million miles to get closer to them

am i not good enough?

i am not a fun person. but i can be your ear and your iron shoulder. i quit trying. i am just your door mat where you wipe your dirty feet to get to other fun people.

well, maybe i deserve that for being a believer.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010

another problem came rolling on chicken shit~

yesterday we were told by the people in FPend office that we need to write a draft letter to our life science supervisor for them to write a letterhead for us to send to the school.sorry for the complex sentence. lazy to hit backspace and rephrase.haha

the problem is our supervisor is in tokyo now.yah i know email seems like a very pretty, gorgeous, da bomb idea but well, after several months with super we kinda know she's not that kind of replying email. so there's another problem. we've got a school who sudi menerima we all but the school wants a formal letter. and now our super is in Tokyo. Hait!! now we are crossing fingers that she will read the email and approve of our draft. imagine jak our project proposal that we sent earlier this sem pon beliau belum baca kan though the project is less than 2 weeks.

oh ya since we cant go to tganu, we've lost our main food sponsorship. so at the moment, we need to chuck in RM50 per person. hopefully we can get some last minute sponsors.

and another thing, i got some comments indirectly saying my blog is boring. well, i know that. and this sem i grumble more about problem. and urge me to write something else. well, here my rebuttals. first of all, i dont go harassing people life with my problems so this blog is the only thing i have. and since B has started working, my contact with my blog has become so special that its the shoulder i lean against now. Second, pretty simple. I've stopped rushing towards Nuffnang cheque now so i dont care if my visitors number drop to zero. but you, since my grumbling started about my thesis, my visitor meter rise about 40 visitors per day. i guess people love me ngerepak.hahah

so that's all. i'm pretty busy juggling with works, emotion and eat. yeah eating is important because food make me happy. if you are not happy with my blog, just leave. dont have to crack your head and be sad about my boring posts.

ok. it's a new day. be nice. and do you work. Kurangkan kontroversi tingkat kan prestasi. *harus melodi saman trademark diorang nih*...haha
Monday, October 4, 2010

sik suka~

aritok mula cam besa sampey la tangan gatal nak mok ngecek airasia mpun tiket.saja jak cek. skali ada la tiket murah bulan nov lak.return cuma 141 jak. sapa sik mok nak? alu bekobar la smgt tek msg B ngn harapan mok kongsi la tek. nya pun reply kedak bunyi eksaited. mun nya eksaited harusla aku eksaited juak nak. sampe la nya tyk part tarikh. kak ku msg ya lmbt indah ngereply. bila dah baca mesej alu asa mok nerais eh. bena sik ku bulak.

bygkan nak ko mpun eksaited meter ya dh tinggi alu skali kecewa berabis eh. B takt sik pat cuti coz kinek proses shutdown plant %$&^%*&&&^*^(). sabar jak la aku. keciwa ati jerok ku tok. mok nangis? opkos la nak tp pike2 balik k pa. tmbah pencemaran jak lak.muka ku pun sik kacak mun nangis nak.harus kontrol tahap kekiutan bah. haha sabar oh sabar

oh ritok ku posa. sik sure gik mok sungkey pa tok. tp lekak kejadian tok asa kedak mok makan nak mahal2 eh. boh torang. kaya ku nektok.hahahahahahha

krek dah palak.esaimen pun cak pa jak.suma sik jadi pa indah. harus gila. B oh B. bila gik mok jumpa tok. taun depan lmbat ilak eh. angol palak.
Sunday, October 3, 2010

No matter what I do All I think about is you Even when I’m in front of laptop typing without clue, you know I’m crazy over you~~

trend copy paste FB status menular lam blog nh..haha

yoh i miss him. kalau nak muntah sila blah. bukan salu pon..haha

By the way dah takleh jiwang kat pesbuk..coz now my mum has a fb account..hehe

one by one la problem jatuh tergolek lekat tahi ayam masok longkang. aku pulak kena masuk longkang amik problem tu and bersihkan

last night, my friend tagged me in a note. i didnt read it until this morning. we have this project whereby we'll need to go somewhere and conduct an activity. our initial plan was to do it around area nearer to us. But our super suggested we go to Terengganu or Johor.

after weeks of discussion, our super told us, T'ganu bebeh! well, super didnt exactly say that. just wanna show our excitement going for a field trip.hehe so, there are 3 groups of 14 members all together. my group members especially were really excited. dah buat modul, prop. until last's the message she sent us:

R: Dear emen, - have bad news that I x go to tragganu bcause there will b iso cmg to faculty. therefore, you guys need to arrange yourself w any school or community group. So sorry.-I'm now flying to (okyo. (*Tokyo)

M: O.then how about our accommodation n sponsorship 4 food? isit still on?

R: Its ok, I suggest you just do school around Bangi or Selangor

M: So, it will b a one-day project or 3days doctor? Sorry i'm asking so many questions doctor

R: One day jelah...good luck

yeah talk about major disappointment. ok sedih tak dapat pergi jaoh-jaoh tu satu hal.the other one, can we find any school yang rela kitorg pergi buat projek disaat nak end year examination nih? in less than 2 weeks. i thought about my mum's school. but she said the exam will start early next week so no way we can kacau the students. 

how la.....baru settle hal thesis ni satu lagi pulak..........

why this sem punya lecturer tak efficient? why la........................................

baru je nak makan kopok lekor puas2..siyes...lama tak pegi tganu...T__T

Saturday, October 2, 2010


been buzy lately. i tried to spent every waking hours doing assignment because i want to go for field work in Terengganu - Stress free! i never knew that i have such capabilities to do work under lot of stress.hehe but kinda happy with the outcome =)

currently at home, i'm done with the interviews for AW. NOW cracking head and toes analyzing the data. Special thanks for my mom for making it easier for me to interview the students. takde karenah birokrasi dan surat menyurat.haha

apa lagi eh?

oh ya miss catching up with friends but i am forcing myself to finish all the work. maybe after 90% done, we'll catch up.miahaha

and B is doing fine so far. I just knew the other day that 2 departments of ABF berebut nak B under their team. sampai berebut but of course the department he was under during the practical won. I'm so proud of him!

yea i dont really do mushy2 stuff coz it irks the hell out of me. sikit2 bole la kan.hehe
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