Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thank you

it took a lot of my guts to announce about my wedding plan. i am not sure how people around me would react. i was not confident about the acceptance of people around me. I am not working yet and some people consider 24 is a very young age to get married. and most important thing my partner is from across the South China Sea. hence the lame previous post. hehe

but Alhamdulillah, all the feedbacks were encouraging. Happy am I!! 

But of course there were advices from the elders about the risk i am taking. Especially my mom and my grandma. They are worried about me marrying a man from Borneo because definitely i'll be following him there. quote, " Nanti sakit pening sape nak peduli"...since few years ago they have been dropping hints to find a man nearer to home. but the problem is i never find any good man like B. no this is not a cliche. I think i never find some one else because i never look for one =)

 if you know B you'll agree with my choice. He's a good man, patient and a bit blur sometimes. He turns his life 360% degree to prove to my parents that he's capable of taking care of me. He's not a boy I dated in secondary school, he is a different man. but he's not perfect. there's also the negative sides of him. but so do I. that's what a couple should be right? completing the missing parts of each other, no? yes i would say.

well, like itself is a gamble. and marriage is included. if i marry a man from the same village pun it's not a guarantee i'll be safe and happy, right?

but i believe in asking for blessing before doing anything. i hope my family is happy with my choice and will continue praying for it =)

p/s i know few would say 'alah belum kahwin bole la puji2". i know that. but could you please preserve this happy moment? at least till i am married? =)


Sue Andy's said...

dun worry. aku salu sokong uols (^.^)
i cant wait!

shatiratibo said...

nurul, happy for you. :') aku sik main2 tok! aieh!

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