Friday, October 22, 2010

my mum is really cute!

well, who wouldnt say that about their mom. But seriously, she is! Yesterday, at 2 in the afternoon, i posted in my blog that i miss her. i didnt see her for two weeks due to work load. and have started to miss her. and i believe all mothers have the instinct to telepathically connect to their children. My mom called me at 4.30 pm the same day.

i was shocked and I thought something came up as she NEVER calls me in the afternoon. it has always been around 8pm-9pm. so i answered the phone. her voice was jovial. she sounded really happy. so i asked:

Nurul    : Kenapa mak tiba- tiba call? (why suddenly you call?)
Mak     : saje...boring takda kerja nak buat (i got no work to do).
Nurul   : la takde keja rupanya. hahah

you see, the duration of that phone call was about 5minutes where averagely phone calls with her usually take about 1 -2 minutes. yea we dont talk much in the phone unless for important stuffs. but we talk a lot when we see each other. so her call yesterday was a surprised to me. she was chatty. usually she isnt like that. she talked about so many things on the phone. about car service etc etc.about my dad in Brunei. about her going to Kuching (yea she is so excited bout the trip as they will be going to Serikin!)

i think my mum can sense that i've been missing her. and she misses me too!

i have always loved to see her pictures looking at her grandchildren. i could see that glow on her face =)
*adam interprem lak pulak kat sini..haha*

there are many many more incidents about mom's cuteness. the recent one was to have a Facebook account. you see, when mak wants some help from her children, she does not directly ask from us. She will drop hints as usual. so earlier this month she wanted to have a FB account too. well, she had wanted it for soo long but i tot she was not serious. actually, she was influenced by my dad. haha she gets excited whenever my brothers upload their kids' pictures. she wants to take a look too but usually she waits for me or my bro or my abah to show them to her. she gave so many hints to me (as i was the only one at home) but i did not understand it at first. cut it short, i created a new account for her. and email too since it is compulsory. after all the process and what not, she told me this:

"Kau tolong ingat eh mak punya I.D and password. mak mesti tak ingat"

i found that to be cute! it was pure innocence. and believe me or not, she has not logged in into her FB till today =).

well, my mum wanted an account as her colleagues all have ones. and also to check on us. she would go to our profile and read our statuses (yes my dear siblings, mak did that!). though without her own account, she knows to go to FB. and type our profile names (she used desktop at home, and my dad's account has never been logged out). so she knows what we do, we go where, we do what,

yes firdaus, that's how mom figured out you were 'kering' earlier this month.haha.... and her comments to me always Kau asyik cakap pasal makan je.. well mom, your daughter loves food. what to do?

Ok la.been talking a lot bout my mom. because i miss her! esok balik yeah! esok balik yeah! *and the chant continues till i reach home tomorrow..bahaha*

p/s love your mom!!


Sue Andy's said...

sobbsss... i miss mom

sword said...

go back home tomorrow..hehehe enjoy k

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