Thursday, October 21, 2010

i create my own happy ending!

So far, the day has gone well. it's 2.30pm right now. i am happy and contented. the morning started with a cup of nescafe. then Ambun, Leen and I went early to PPBL to consult Dr. Nacky regarding our final project. Needless to say, he seemed amazed! and the word 'fantastic' came out from his mouth to describe our activities. am happy bebeh.

then, there came the project presentation for Life Science. it went well. towards the end, when Dr concluded everything, i think i am the happiest person because after all the works, the project was a success. Dr was happy, my group members were happy and most importantly, i was and still is happy.Alhamdulillah.

i created this happiness for myself. if i have not done the lit works, i wont get the complement from Dr Nacky.

i have not experienced the trouble organising the life science project, i believe i'll just like 'eh...presentation's done, so what?' you know. hee

i hope to complete my thesis tonight and can go back this weekend to my hometown. i miss Mak terribly. macam lama tak jumpa but true, i miss my Mom. =(

k la. bye!


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