Saturday, October 2, 2010


been buzy lately. i tried to spent every waking hours doing assignment because i want to go for field work in Terengganu - Stress free! i never knew that i have such capabilities to do work under lot of stress.hehe but kinda happy with the outcome =)

currently at home, i'm done with the interviews for AW. NOW cracking head and toes analyzing the data. Special thanks for my mom for making it easier for me to interview the students. takde karenah birokrasi dan surat menyurat.haha

apa lagi eh?

oh ya miss catching up with friends but i am forcing myself to finish all the work. maybe after 90% done, we'll catch up.miahaha

and B is doing fine so far. I just knew the other day that 2 departments of ABF berebut nak B under their team. sampai berebut but of course the department he was under during the practical won. I'm so proud of him!

yea i dont really do mushy2 stuff coz it irks the hell out of me. sikit2 bole la kan.hehe


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