Monday, September 27, 2010

i'm bored~

B has started his working shift today so i am left 'single' for 12 hours..woo...his shift starts at 7am this morning and will end at 7pm in the evening. what am i gonna do for the time being?

ceh gedik je..assignment berlambak kau mengada plak. So far, i'm focusing on our discourse. quite happy with the progress. soon, we'll start discussing about literature final project as well as life science module. at least got some progress. for my mini thesis, there's nothing i can do now as my interview session will be this Friday with my mom's students. so for the time being, i edit and reedit the questions.hehe jeles okey orang dah start buat chapter 4 =(

the tudung business is blooming. i got another round of order this week so this thursday mommy susie and i are gonna hit Jalan Tar again. before this, orang selalu cerita jalan tar, sogo best2, syurga la hapa la. tapi lepas aku banyak kali pergi sana..nah...nothing pon ekceli.tapi yang best, i know some shops offering cheap tudung. big bargain la wa cakap sama lu.hehe

susie and i are thinking about doing online business because we thought that's gonna be a great idea since we ol salu lepak jalan tar la kan.but at the moment, very the busy so maybe akan terlaksana time study week kot.haha..but i tell you, our shop is going to offer the best price that you can never find anywhere else. we;ve done a lil bit of price survey on other online blog my my some of the price were ridiculous. for example, the price for one tudung in jalan tar, if you buy in a bulk is like rm16. but some sellers sell it for rm45. matila`.it's about double the price.gila betul.

be smart people.and at the mean time, anyone want to pre-order any tudung/shawls/kain ela from jalan tar, just pm me olrait. special prize for you. =)


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