Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Break fast menu~

i hate it when i have nothing to eat to break fast. Bazaar food? nah..this is the year where i dont feel like eating any bazaar food. i am stuck here in UKM. i feel like going home. i dont mind eating simple meals as long as its home cooked. here UKM, i dont have much choice.

i only have my eyes on fast food. or restaurant food. or expensive food in particular. it's like these food can replace my home cooked food. how pathetic is that? *eh sukati aku la nak makan ape..duit aku..janji halal*

i just woke up. there are thousands of food i want to eat. the only problem is i got no company. My room mate is going to break fast at the faculty. takde selera bukak pose ngan orang lain..fefeling cik bien pulak aku...matila~

why i like to eat with my rumate"
- she eats everything

- she doesnt think about the price - aku benci orang suka kutuk aku makan makanan mahal. at least i spend my money on food. and more importantly, i dont ask for theirs!

- she's talkative.

Good combination. oh Ain..balik la..i want to eat Steam Fish instead of sardin~ ..T.T


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