Wednesday, September 1, 2010

who like to be in a dilemma?

have you ever felt torn between how you feel and how the people around you feel?

have you ever felt that you've had enough?

have you ever thought of running and hiding somewhere where people couldn't bother you?

well i have.

i like to have options

i like to go whenever i want to go

mind this, i like being spontaneous.

if i say i want to go to Midvalley, damn straight i would without much thought.

but putting in many people in your plans sometimes made the plan not fun anymore.

too many heads, too many feelings, too many 'touching'~

and the plans usually end up not done.

why cant certain people go whenever or wherever they want to go, and i dont tell me about their plans, and surprisingly i dont get emotional being left?

but when i want to go whenever or wherever, with people i thought sporting enough, and dont tell the rest, they would get cynical towards me?

or why some people i really want to see, I've put efforts for the plans, carefully considering many schedule, always say 'I'm busy'?

or when they want to see me but i am not available, they cant let me off without being sarcastic?

sometimes i do feel i have nothing to offer.

when i have nothing more left, i would be mean.

my words become sarcastic

i would ignore people

i would throw 'menyampah' look

i would go home

friends are supposed to be family

that's why the terms friend and family always go together

but are we family?

p/s yea ..i am hurt..but who cares? do you?


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