Wednesday, September 22, 2010

uuu i am a mess~

i've been subjecting my eyes to my laptop since morning and now having a headache. the reason being: have to hand in one assignment tomorrow.haha

i have so many things to think right now. mainly about assignments. My madam supervisor hasnt replied my email again though i've sent another draft last Monday. If still no response, i will need to go and see her face to face this Friday. Pray for me ya!

oh ya i have a great news that i really really want to tell here but still cannot. have to wait for another confirmation.then i'll tell ya. oooo i tidak sabar.hehe

My tudung business is getting ok. got another request and this time for 20 tudungs! before this selalunya 10 jah...uuu hepi hepi.

what more eh?


Sue Andy's said...

kamek suka koh! bisnis bisnis!! ALHAMDULILLAHHHHHHHH...

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