Thursday, September 23, 2010

seriously i want to cry~

everyone hates to wait. i too. currently i am waiting for an email from my supervisor. Do you know how it feels when you wait for something, you pray so hard for it and at the end it's still a silent? everytime I sign in into my yahoo mail, i have this habit closing my eyes while waiting for the page to load. I hope when i open my eyes i would see what i want to see.

and it is such a huge disappointment when there's nothing! nada! it's like waiting for your husband to come back from a war and there's no news. whether he's alive or dead. ok i dont how one feels when the husband is fighting for the nation but something like that la. i have been waiting for almost 3 weeks now and she hasnt replied. and we are going towards the end of the semester. 

of course like other normal human being i would have all the negatives thoughts swarming my head. Does she hate me? Have i done/said something wrong? Is my drafts really that bad? have i insulted her?

Please madam. i need it fast. i have about 3 weeks left if i minus the presentation week. Please be fair. i dont want to talk bad about you but  i almost reach my limit already~


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