Wednesday, September 8, 2010

i was a super woman today~

i felt so tense reading all the fuss about politics and religion issues for the past few days. so today, i just thought about raya.


so far, all the preparation went well. i dunno but i have the sense that this is going to be a great Raya celebration. with a nephew and niece. am excited to bagi angpow to them.woot woot!!

i baked 3 cookies this year. the taste...nah..not that great..just so so.mak wants to bake a chocolate cake too.maybe tomorrow.

today i spent 3-4hours ++ cleaning the house. this time really really hard. semua bawah tikar belakang almari bawah kusi ku bongkar..haha reason: so that my bros' kids can crawl happily. takde la kena habuk ke hape.

and my dad just done putting up the deco light.last year takde hoccay lampu lampu nih. and also ade lampu pelita depan rumah...baru rasa suasana kampung.

Raya will fall on Friday. so tomorrow is the 'bantai' day. aku pon tak sure why the elders call it bantai day. maybe we all berbantai bertungkus lumus masak esok?hehe

k la peeps. makin lama makin boring blog aku. dah ilang semangat. takpe..janji raya yob!!


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