Saturday, September 4, 2010

it was a long day~

yesterday was a loooong day indeed for me and Mummy Tum2...hence the reason i woke up at 10.30 this morning.

My day started the night before where i couldn't get any sleep. my eyes refused to close its lids. so at 10 am in the morning, Ambun, Steve and I went to meet our thesis supervisor. As i expected, there are lots of things to be mend.especially the interview questions part. I did not adapt the questions from anywhere. They are mine 100%. I dont mind about that. but the way my supervisor questioning me made me feel stupid. and it was done in front of my friends. definitely lower my self esteem.i felt like screaming in the room. And the best part it, i've sent my draft last week to be particular. and she took her time to read that morning. and i have a week left before raya. i want to have a raya celebration without having to worry about the progress of my assignment, damn it. but enought with that. i dont want to back talk her. tak baik and tak berkat! just madam, please do your homework too aite?

so, the frustrated Nurul went back to her hostel. vowing to buy a new baju kurung, one hand bag and stilettos to mend her broken heart. After loading all the stuffs into Myvi's butt, off she went with Mummy Tum2 to Midvalley. oh before that, there was a last minute order for instant hijab the night before so we had to go to Jalan Tar to get them. we parked at Midvalley since it has cheaper parking rate compared to Sogo. Then we took the train to Bank Negara station and walla..we're in Jalan Tar.

The weather had no mercy on us. Excrutiatingly hot.we were in Jalan Tar for almost 3 hours. fulfilling our customers orders. i wanted to shop at Sogo but we spent too much time looking for hijabs and we didnt have much time. there goes my vow.and the people were just unbelievable. the crowd was insane.and most of them were women. because of Friday prayer so men were not around. we women really are the back bone of our economy.haha

after our hands were loaded with stuffs, to walk back to Bank Negara station seemed forever. dah la puasa kan...luckily the train came pretty fast to Midvalley. The people in Midvalley pon very the ramai. Many people chose to do last minute shopping because the price offered were unbelievable. The price for baju kurung, kebaya or any fashion you want dropped as low as rm30...sape taknak?

so at 3.30, we left midvalley and headed to Tanjung Malim. oh yea, i helped Mummy Tum2 to get her red card (for pregnancy check up). she forgot to bring it. the journey was smooth. since OPS Sikap started yesterday, we counted there were 4 pondok polis pemerhati on the way to TM. we arrived around 5 or 4.30. oh yea, the traffic at Federal highway was moving bump to lambat la we ol sampai.

we left TM and headed back to Rawang. we used MEX to go back since we thought there'd be less traffic. damn we were wrong. again my Myvi had to sniffs other car's butt - meaning bump to bump la... the massive traffic made us caught in the jam for almost 2 hours! this time i had to call for extra Chakra since my body was dehydrated and weak.we left MEX highway and stopped at Seremban RnR to break fast at 7.15pm..and the queue line at KFC was just great. panjang mak bedah!sabau je first we wanted to eat there but after many thoughts, it's better to keep moving since we scared we'll got caught in the traffic jam from Seremban to Senawang exit. so makan dalam kereta jah~

i sent suzie to her house in Ayer Keroh, Melaka and drove back to Lendu. and my parents were at the mosque!!! no body's home so i waited in front of my village old mosque till terawih i reached home about 10pm/

that's how my day went.after bath, prayer (i was a err..what's that word for people who travel more than 90km?? damn it..i only can think of muallaf, khalifah...ahh musafir...hehe) and stuffing my belly with home food, i said bye bye and gudnite at 12am. a bit late but yeah..tgok tv is a must.hehe

so people, i travelled 300km yesterday. what did you do?hehe

p/s going to bake cookies love it!!


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