Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raya in School

So the celebration continued as our school organized a Raya Open House/ Canteen today!

I got up, full of spirit to don in raya kurung. completed with accessories hoccay!

And FYI, I am the type who do not bother about accessorizing but today I put extra effort for the appearance and glad I did.

Taken in the toilet.haha

When the other teachers saw me, they said,'

Wah cantiknya......kerongsang!"


The brooches really did attract attention even to my students.hehe

Anyhoo, the reason I dont accessorize is because my forever-expensive skin is not tolerant to materials other than pure gold or silver.

And because of the necklace/brooch, the area at the back of my neck is now reddish and inflamed. Y____Y

Anyhoo, from 31/8 - 2/9 12, there will be MATTA Fair at MITC. SO those in Melaka, go go go! I wanna go and see if I could find any good deals.hehe

B, I wish you're here..

One of few I miss

Since I raya-ed in Sibu, I didnt get to see these babies together. But many thanks to bros and sis for uploading tonnes of their pics together. Alang misses you both too much!

Please balik for Raya Haji. Pweetyyy plisssss!
Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Couldnt sleep. Forcing the eye lids to seal itself. If only the scientist invented a glue for the purpose.

When you are alone and all you have is yourself you gotta push to stay strong.

I hate this. This is lonely.
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We have 3 days off this weekend because of National Day.

I miss B.

I want to see him. I want to hug him. I want to pull his leg hair (hahahah).

I checked Air Asia just now. Everything about Bintulu is expensive.

The rental, the house, the air ticket. The hotel. I feel like the town is rejecting me more and more.

B bought a return ticket to Melaka. But that one is for Raya Haji i.e. roughly 2 months from now.


Emo day. Bye!

Raya at Rosli Dhobi's house

One of the houses we visitied in Sibu was my mil's friend's house. When we arrived there, B pointed at a wall of the house and asked me who's the guy in the picture frame.

I was not wearing my glasses nor contact lenses so I had to take a while to guess. Based on my blurry vision of a picture in my history text book, I blurted 'Rosli Dhobi!!"

Indeed it was his house.hehe

I curi-curi took this picture.haha

Here is a quick history of Rosli Dhobi

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raya in Bintulu

So my raya journey continued in Sibu.hehe

On the 5th day of Raya, B and I left Sibu at 3pm and headed to Bintulu. B wanted to prepare for his assessment on Monday and I wanted some our time alone.hehe so Bintulu off we went.

A day after that, B and I visited few of our school friends' houses. I had not been to any since I left school so i was teen-excited to meet and catch up with all the latest gossips.hahaha

Taken at Sally's. (mok berik iera jeles sebnarnya...haha)

We first visited Amai's house, then we kidnapped Amai and went to Sally's house. after that we went to Nessa's house. Then grabbed some dinner and stood in front of Ilan's door after Magrib. Last destination was Aya's house. phewww!

Since it was the 6th day of Raya, there wasnt any special meal. but i had a full belly of kuih and kek lapis.hahaa

The baby is Aya's sis' hehe

p/s B bought that cotton polka dot kurung for me at Cheras Uptown. It's so comfy and I just needed to wear it again again.hehe

Selamat Hari Raya uolllss!

Raya snippet

A scene between me and B. In Sibu.

Me: B, usually what do the girls wear on the second day of raya and after that?

B: Shirt and jeans.

Me: Sure ah?

B: Yeap, my cousins (name mentioned) always wear that after the 1st day of raya. Dont worry. Go casual bebeh!

Me: Ok!

Few days later. Visiting friends' houses in Sibu. 

At Fatin's house.

Me: Assalamualaikummmmmmmmm.

Fatin: Waalaikumussalam.... eh raya cina udah torang duak? (Is it Chinese New Year already?)

Me: (Blur....) ooooo....ahahahahahaha

At Kiah's house.

Us: Assalamualaikummmmmm...

Kiah: Wslam... aie raya cina udah ka????

Those were the exact responses we got when we went to our friends' house. Why? Because other people were donned in baju kurung/baju melayu but we opted for casual look. uwaaaaaaaaaaaa semua salah B!!

Fatin tagged along to Kiah's house. So I told them the reason of our option that usually people wear jeans and shirts after 1st day of raya.

Almost simultaneously, Kiah and Fatin responded:

Nya nang pake jeans ngan tshirt, kamek orang pake baju kurung!

(He always wears jeans and shirt but we girls wear baju kurung!)


At Kiah's house =)

Funny thou. So next time I have to double check first.hehe

Monday, August 27, 2012

'Melanggar Meja' in Igan, Mukah Sarawak

On the 3rd day of Raya, a few members of Hj Sambang's Clan drove up to Igan, Mukah to the grandma's kampung. I was told that we were going for Melanggar Meja or literally 'hit the table' tradition. I had no idea what to expect but tagged along with them.

We went there in 3 separate cars. Some of the cousins couldn't make it. The journey took approximately 3 hours and we left Sibu at 8.30 in the morning. The journey was smooth, I was kid-excited for a road trip and to see new place.hehe

 We reached Mukah about 11 something and B drove around Mukah town just for me. Ok tipu. We stopped for a quick meal because all of us were starving. I got to see the town and it's quite happening there. FYI, Mukah is accessible through water transport too. Grandpa and grandma went there a day before us by taking a boat from Sibu. About 3 hours too.

After the meal, we continued to Igan, half an hour from Mukah town and arrived at the village. The road to grandpa's house was blocked as they were tables set up along the road. We had to use another way and parked a bit far from the house.

One of the landmarks that will tell you 'Welcome To Mukah'

The villagers were setting the tables when we arrived. About 3oometres long.

While waiting for lunch.hehe

The event started at 2pm. 

Few elders were waiting for the guests.

They arrived and taking seats.

More and more people coming.

Waiting for the YB to finish his forever speech.

I was told that this tradition is uniquely Igan. This cannot be found in other place other than Igan. Now now, wanna know what is Melanggar Meja???

It's a tradition like a open house in big scale. Unlike our official Rumah Terbuka 1Malaysia, this tradition happens when the villagers and the guests bring own food and arrange on the tables. more like a big pot luck. The guests are from the host-village and from neighbouring villages.

We couldnt wait till makan time because we had to go back before it's gettin dark. The YB finished his speech almost at 4pm. orang dah kebulor dah!

Anyhoo, I googled for this tradition and found an excerpt from last year's newspapers. Enjoy reading!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raya in Sibu

Sekilas beraya di Sibu =)

I've so many new things, experiences, food to share but the post would be too long. Lemme summarize for you. and I've arranged in into sequence.

Where do you celebrate Raya this year?

This had been the most popular question addressed to me since the beginning of Ramadhan. Sibu is the place as  I lost the 'osom' (rock, scissor, paper) game to B Y____Y and bought the ticket as early as in February.

What's the theme color for this raya?

In the beginning, we agreed to reuse our nikad outfits but you know girls, Raya is not raya without new clothes. So MIL suggested we buy Turquoise clothes to match with hers and FIL.

I just hate the tudung. T_____T. I bought 3 bawals - 3 different tones of turquoise none match the baju. so I wore my Sibu reception tudung.

Do you find any difference between raya-ing in Melaka and Sibu?

A LOT!!!!!!!

Raya - eve

After iftar on the last day, B and brought his younger cousins for a drive around town. B wanted me to see what happened on raya eve so he drove into neighbouring villages just to check out there. I was amazed because the villagers had lantern set up along the road in the village. Traditional lanterns (pelita) and people from kids to adults were playing with firecrackers, fireworks!!! The fireworks/firecrackers here were too awesome compared to Melaka! Seriously!

Using my camera phone, the little light there were the lanterns.

Were told that B's cousin made this lantern tower! Amazeballs!

The traffic was congested. Seems like many Sibu-ians were sightseeing like us too that night.

Raya day  1 - 5

Raya in Sibu was really really happening. We had house visits from morning till midnight! Something I have never experienced in my 25 years. We visited so many houses that I got confused with relatives or friends but either way it's very Malaysian you know!My raya in Melaka would usually stop after the second day but in Sibu it didnt happen that way. Seems like everyone knows everybody in Sibu.hehe

The food

In Melaka, we usually have Rendand, ketupat, kuah kacang, lemang, usually food. But in Sibu I got to eat ketupat with Curry and daging masak hitam. The ketupat was slightly different too because it's cooked with coconut milk. and of course, many many of the famous Sarawak layer cake i.e. kek lapis sarawak. and to tell you, i learnt many of its weird names too. There were Kek lapis Lady Gaga, Kek Lapis Holiday Inn, Kek Lapis Pandang tak sempat and a lot more I couldnt remember.hehe

 This is daging masak hitam. MIL punya memang sedap gilerrr!

Ketupat daun nipah. Eat with daging masak hitam or curry. The curry there tasted slightly different from my mom's but super delicious!

A must have in every house - Seaweed popia.Mostly home made.

The people

One thing I noticed about Sibu was in every house we went, usually there was at least one Chinese family visiting too.The relationship between the Chinese and the people there were so strong that even their shops were closed for 2 days to go for open houses.hehe and even our home was flooded with the uncles/aunties chinese friends. Something I seldom see in Melaka. and I got to know the Chinese relatives from B's side too.

What else eh??

Anyhoo, first experience celebrating raya as a wife is totally different. Though I sounded so excited raya-ing in Sibu but I cried after every phone call to Mom.hahahah cembeng ok! Sebbaekk B never said anything but he was there to hug me. Sorry Hubs!

Up next: A trip to Mukah to watch 'Melanggar Meja' (hit the table) tradition practised by the locals there for raya.
Sunday, August 19, 2012

Secretly i wish

Tick tock tick tock

I looked at the clock. It's 8.30pm. I was awaken by excited sounds of people. It came from downstairs. I wanted to join them.

But i was shy.i sent a text message calling for backup.few seconds later a phone beeped.damn.

I secretly prayed.hoping i could send SOS message telepathically.u waited.

Tick tock tick tock

I looked at the phone clock. 8.41 pm. I died a lil bit inside. Feeling of guilt and desperate and embarrassement were blended together.

Damn. 8.42pm
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Friday, August 17, 2012


40 minutes before take off and 2hours later I will be with B and the in laws. InsyaAllah.

This year for the first time in my 25 years i'll be celebrating raya with new people, new surrounding and probably new kind of food too.hehe i dont know what to expect but i'm excited tho. I have a husband to look after,to make sure his sampin is neatly in its place, his baju melayu fits perfectly on him n to make sure he's the most handsome man of the day.hehe

Happy Raya to all muslims around the world and hopefully we all be blessed in this

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Have you ever experienced being stressful when you were waiting for some answers/ signs?

I had since past week. And today Allah answered though not all but the little way that He showed us was enough to lift the pressure off our shoulders. Now it's time for B and I to work the condition put forward by his boss and live together shall we in the near future. InsyaAllah =)

You might not know what I'm talking about but once everything is confirmed, I will give my explanation. Just right now, I dont want to jinx anything, yet. Barakah in Ramadhan =)

Anyhoo, today I became the MC for Hari Kemerdekaan  and I did... average. Nothing to brag about, or to condemn about. I was too overwhelmed with holidays that I couldnt care less about school event.haha Bad teacher, bad teacher.

When you make that move into a relationship, specifically marriage, there's no turning back. For all the arguments, the fights, the disagreement, you just need to find the way and work it out. It could be frustrating at times but never be too selfish and think about yourself. That's one thing that I've been holding on since our long distance marriage began. Sometimes I did feel like shouting on the phone, cursing or screaming. But I know my status, my place that I'm a wife now.

I'm rambling.hehe Yesterday a colleague consulted me for an opinion and asked how B and I work our way into being in a long distance relationship. I've never thought about this before but since then, I've been thinking.hehe She's from east coast part and the boyfriend from southern part of the peninsular. and she's having problem with it and now having a second thought. They are getting engaged few days after Eid.

Alrite peeps. Have a safe journey back to your hometown, and happy holidays =))))
Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All the more reason...

....... why celebrating raya NOT in Melaka is hard this year...

Today my bro spent the afternoon setting up our lampu raya....

Dalam dingin subuh...hatiku terusik....
Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mince water can never finish

Air dicincang takkan putus..

haha This morning for sahur, suddenly the story of our childhood popped out from my parents' mouths. They were talking about how constant we (my brothers and I) fought. My first vs second brothers and me vs younger brother.hehe

I still remember vividly that one day. My brother and I argued about something and we started calling each other with funny names. I was about 7/8 years old and my brother was 3 years younger than me. The name calling turned nasty and we started losing our patience. He then threw his wristwatch directly to me but missed it by a few millimeter. It flew pass my cheek and left a scratch-now-turn-to scar on my right cheek. Till today, no amount of make up can cover the scar.hehe in return, i threw a toy car and hit a bulls eye on his forehead.muehehehehehe

I noticed the scar was so apparent on the wedding photos especially when the photographer captured the right side of me.hue hue

*raw pictures - unedited*

This is one memory I will never forget.hehe 

I miss my bro. He's coming home tomorrow.yeay!
Saturday, August 11, 2012

Catching up

I bought a book by Cecelia Ahern last Thursday. Ahern is one of my favourite writers other than Mitch Albom. Hehe I have all her collection till I stopped collecting a couple of years back. 

Today I spent my whole Saturday reading the novel. Again, Ahern never fails to amaze me with such a fantastic story line. I'm amazed because I couldnt ever predict the ending, unlike most romantic novel I've read before. Once I started reading, it was hard for me to stop thus I finished reading it in less than 8 hours.hehe

I fell in love with Ahern's work back in 2005. I just entered Teacher Training College and I was bored. I went to Popular and bought 'Where Rainbows End'. It was my first English novel that I bought. And it didnt stop there. I started collecting all her books. 

This one I just Love! Have you ever thought about meeting your own life? I know I have never.But this book made me want to =)

Friday, August 10, 2012


Majlis Khatam Al-Quran.

Last week, my mentor told me that she'd need to observe me. I knew this time would come eventually and I said ok. And today was the day. After the khatam quran event, we went straight too my class and she took her place at the back of the class. I told her beforehand that there'd not be much teaching today coz today was mainly to test the students' understanding of yesterday's lesson.

hehe I think I've become too comfortable with her that I didnt feel nervous at all.

After the class, I went to see her. I was dying to hear the comments. She said I could do better in my style where instead of asking the students to discuss in group, I could do brainstorming. Because these are Form 6 students, they didnt need group work for a simple task.Apart from that, everything was fine.

I had expected it because since I started teaching, I always have this thought about my pedagogy. I need somebody to comment and watch how I teach because I have zero experience in teaching Form 6. I'm still in my learning zone because until today, I still couldnt find my own style of teaching. I havent cracked the code to have 'the' best way to teach. 

InsyaAllah one day I will find =)

BERNAS | Hari Raya 2012 (The Journey)

I've been trying to watch this video since afternoon and finally got the chance just now. It touched my heart so deeply. Made me wanna appreciate all the things I have around me.

Will celebrate Raya in Sibu. Sure banjir one pagi raya Y___Y

"Dalam dingin subuh....hatiku terusik...."
Thursday, August 9, 2012


I'm bored.

Since I got married, I lost the passion to write. Hue hue is that normal? I have so many things to share, to ramble, to nag but I just couldnt find the mood to write.

I dont want to be all cheesy or what but everytime I thought about this distance between B and I, it made me sad. hmm...

This week didnt turn out as what I expected. I expect to get some confirmation, some news, some clues about what's going to happen in the near future. But B's boss is on emergency leave because his wife was in labour. Till Friday. The thought about this issue is driving me crazayyyyy. Now we have to wait till next week.

What news? I'll tell once it is confirmed =)
Wednesday, August 8, 2012

2 months

Taken on 26th May 2012

Taken 8th August 2012

I'm missing the moment =)))

Monday, August 6, 2012


I hope tomorrow will bring good news for us =)

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding Photographer: Foto by Razali

When we decided to get married, the first thing I did was to look for a photographer. That's how obsessed I was about having the best man to capture the best moment of one of the best and biggest days of my life. I found one, even before we found the official date for our unison. hehe

None other than Foto By Razali. Remember this post?

2 words: THUMBS UP!!

It was marvelous working with Mr. Razali. We had never met before the wedding but his professionalism worked through out the two events. I met him for the first time when he entered my room when I was getting ready for solemnization. I was a shy person but he broke down the wall. He knew how to make the surrounding less awkward.

And he knew how to make people rock the pose baby!!! Seriously! One of the few things I told him was B and I were experts for passport photo style.hahahaha he answered 'takpela, kita amik gambar pasport je'. HEHE

Why do you need a professional photographer? A photographer can work just like your wedding planner, in term of photography. Mr. Razali handled our big family (both from B and my side) in taking pictures. There were no bumps or whatsoever. Everyone got to take pictures in turn. Be it family, friends or work colleagues. I didnt have to shout calling names or sending messengers. All were taken care of.

Alright. Last Thursday, I received a parcel. It was our wedding album *jumped like monkeys* hehehe

I however will upload few of my favourites only. We received One Custom Album and a 8GB pendrive containing 3K ++  pictures.

I'm not sure but I love the album coz it's in purple.hahaha but I did not choose the picture for the cover. It was B. I was at work at the time so I asked B to choose. I think I smiled too wide in the photo.

I still remember Mr Razali said "Sepul, Nurul, rapat lagi. dah kahwin dah sah. Rapat lagi ape malu-malu2." hahahahaa

This is the ultimate favourite photo EVER!!! I'm gonna develop this and frame it and hang it on the wall.!

This was taken in our bedroom. Mr. Razali said the background was just like white studio. Perfect! Tak sia-sia perantin cat bilik.haha

The support system. What would I do without you guys? You made me enjoy my last days as bachelorette ='))))))

Thanks guys for coming and staying till the end. =)))))))

Not to mention, Mr Razali is a creative photographer.

So why wait?? Book early to avoid disappointment. He's a hot stuff!

Life is less scary..

If you have the right people around you.

I read Vivy's blog just now, the one she talked about how she could touch Dean legally.hihi and that reminds me of B too.

2 months into marriage, I still find it weird when B holds my hand when we were walking. Even more weird when he did that in front of his family or my family. Sometimes he would hold my hand tightly out of sudden. and that made me feel funny in my belly. A weird but warmth feeling in my tummy. That's love huh?

Or sometimes he would wrap his hand around my shoulder. or around my waist. that to describe the feeling. Lovely =)

Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm going to miss you. Heck, i'm starting to miss you tho you are just right next to me.

*waiting for iftar*
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had so many plans I wanted to settle today. And I managed to finish not even half of it.hehe typical me.

B is flying to KL tomorrow together with PIL. hehe I'm so excited I dunno why. After a short nap I started to clean the house. Mom said 'Husband balik baru nak kemas rumah' tee hee heee

Seeeee, I still feel like I'm single you see. Daily routine hasnt changed even a bit except when B's in town. Even so..... haha you should see me at the very beginning after we got married. I mean the first few days. I did feel like a wife for a moment there. For example, every morning I would ask which shirt/pants he wanted to wear, and lied them on the bed. If it needed ironing, I ironed the wrinkles away. I prepared for his table for every meals. I constantly asked if he needed anything. You should see me in action.

But now.....hmm...hahahahaha everytime before he came back I would be in so much spirit, so enthusiastic to prepare sophisticated meals for him. But now, he still had his stomach full but,,,,,,,,, from mom's cooking or Bazar.muehehehe

But he still loves me though. Of course you will, right B? =P

He's coming tomorrow. Excited!
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