Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Raya snippet

A scene between me and B. In Sibu.

Me: B, usually what do the girls wear on the second day of raya and after that?

B: Shirt and jeans.

Me: Sure ah?

B: Yeap, my cousins (name mentioned) always wear that after the 1st day of raya. Dont worry. Go casual bebeh!

Me: Ok!

Few days later. Visiting friends' houses in Sibu. 

At Fatin's house.

Me: Assalamualaikummmmmmmmm.

Fatin: Waalaikumussalam.... eh raya cina udah torang duak? (Is it Chinese New Year already?)

Me: (Blur....) ooooo....ahahahahahaha

At Kiah's house.

Us: Assalamualaikummmmmm...

Kiah: Wslam... aie raya cina udah ka????

Those were the exact responses we got when we went to our friends' house. Why? Because other people were donned in baju kurung/baju melayu but we opted for casual look. uwaaaaaaaaaaaa semua salah B!!

Fatin tagged along to Kiah's house. So I told them the reason of our option that usually people wear jeans and shirts after 1st day of raya.

Almost simultaneously, Kiah and Fatin responded:

Nya nang pake jeans ngan tshirt, kamek orang pake baju kurung!

(He always wears jeans and shirt but we girls wear baju kurung!)


At Kiah's house =)

Funny thou. So next time I have to double check first.hehe

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