Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I had so many plans I wanted to settle today. And I managed to finish not even half of it.hehe typical me.

B is flying to KL tomorrow together with PIL. hehe I'm so excited I dunno why. After a short nap I started to clean the house. Mom said 'Husband balik baru nak kemas rumah' tee hee heee

Seeeee, I still feel like I'm single you see. Daily routine hasnt changed even a bit except when B's in town. Even so..... haha you should see me at the very beginning after we got married. I mean the first few days. I did feel like a wife for a moment there. For example, every morning I would ask which shirt/pants he wanted to wear, and lied them on the bed. If it needed ironing, I ironed the wrinkles away. I prepared for his table for every meals. I constantly asked if he needed anything. You should see me in action.

But now.....hmm...hahahahaha everytime before he came back I would be in so much spirit, so enthusiastic to prepare sophisticated meals for him. But now, he still had his stomach full but,,,,,,,,, from mom's cooking or Bazar.muehehehe

But he still loves me though. Of course you will, right B? =P

He's coming tomorrow. Excited!
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