Sunday, August 26, 2012

Raya in Sibu

Sekilas beraya di Sibu =)

I've so many new things, experiences, food to share but the post would be too long. Lemme summarize for you. and I've arranged in into sequence.

Where do you celebrate Raya this year?

This had been the most popular question addressed to me since the beginning of Ramadhan. Sibu is the place as  I lost the 'osom' (rock, scissor, paper) game to B Y____Y and bought the ticket as early as in February.

What's the theme color for this raya?

In the beginning, we agreed to reuse our nikad outfits but you know girls, Raya is not raya without new clothes. So MIL suggested we buy Turquoise clothes to match with hers and FIL.

I just hate the tudung. T_____T. I bought 3 bawals - 3 different tones of turquoise none match the baju. so I wore my Sibu reception tudung.

Do you find any difference between raya-ing in Melaka and Sibu?

A LOT!!!!!!!

Raya - eve

After iftar on the last day, B and brought his younger cousins for a drive around town. B wanted me to see what happened on raya eve so he drove into neighbouring villages just to check out there. I was amazed because the villagers had lantern set up along the road in the village. Traditional lanterns (pelita) and people from kids to adults were playing with firecrackers, fireworks!!! The fireworks/firecrackers here were too awesome compared to Melaka! Seriously!

Using my camera phone, the little light there were the lanterns.

Were told that B's cousin made this lantern tower! Amazeballs!

The traffic was congested. Seems like many Sibu-ians were sightseeing like us too that night.

Raya day  1 - 5

Raya in Sibu was really really happening. We had house visits from morning till midnight! Something I have never experienced in my 25 years. We visited so many houses that I got confused with relatives or friends but either way it's very Malaysian you know!My raya in Melaka would usually stop after the second day but in Sibu it didnt happen that way. Seems like everyone knows everybody in Sibu.hehe

The food

In Melaka, we usually have Rendand, ketupat, kuah kacang, lemang, usually food. But in Sibu I got to eat ketupat with Curry and daging masak hitam. The ketupat was slightly different too because it's cooked with coconut milk. and of course, many many of the famous Sarawak layer cake i.e. kek lapis sarawak. and to tell you, i learnt many of its weird names too. There were Kek lapis Lady Gaga, Kek Lapis Holiday Inn, Kek Lapis Pandang tak sempat and a lot more I couldnt remember.hehe

 This is daging masak hitam. MIL punya memang sedap gilerrr!

Ketupat daun nipah. Eat with daging masak hitam or curry. The curry there tasted slightly different from my mom's but super delicious!

A must have in every house - Seaweed popia.Mostly home made.

The people

One thing I noticed about Sibu was in every house we went, usually there was at least one Chinese family visiting too.The relationship between the Chinese and the people there were so strong that even their shops were closed for 2 days to go for open houses.hehe and even our home was flooded with the uncles/aunties chinese friends. Something I seldom see in Melaka. and I got to know the Chinese relatives from B's side too.

What else eh??

Anyhoo, first experience celebrating raya as a wife is totally different. Though I sounded so excited raya-ing in Sibu but I cried after every phone call to Mom.hahahah cembeng ok! Sebbaekk B never said anything but he was there to hug me. Sorry Hubs!

Up next: A trip to Mukah to watch 'Melanggar Meja' (hit the table) tradition practised by the locals there for raya.
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