Sunday, August 12, 2012

Mince water can never finish

Air dicincang takkan putus..

haha This morning for sahur, suddenly the story of our childhood popped out from my parents' mouths. They were talking about how constant we (my brothers and I) fought. My first vs second brothers and me vs younger brother.hehe

I still remember vividly that one day. My brother and I argued about something and we started calling each other with funny names. I was about 7/8 years old and my brother was 3 years younger than me. The name calling turned nasty and we started losing our patience. He then threw his wristwatch directly to me but missed it by a few millimeter. It flew pass my cheek and left a scratch-now-turn-to scar on my right cheek. Till today, no amount of make up can cover the scar.hehe in return, i threw a toy car and hit a bulls eye on his forehead.muehehehehehe

I noticed the scar was so apparent on the wedding photos especially when the photographer captured the right side of me.hue hue

*raw pictures - unedited*

This is one memory I will never forget.hehe 

I miss my bro. He's coming home tomorrow.yeay!
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