Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raya in School

So the celebration continued as our school organized a Raya Open House/ Canteen today!

I got up, full of spirit to don in raya kurung. completed with accessories hoccay!

And FYI, I am the type who do not bother about accessorizing but today I put extra effort for the appearance and glad I did.

Taken in the toilet.haha

When the other teachers saw me, they said,'

Wah cantiknya......kerongsang!"


The brooches really did attract attention even to my students.hehe

Anyhoo, the reason I dont accessorize is because my forever-expensive skin is not tolerant to materials other than pure gold or silver.

And because of the necklace/brooch, the area at the back of my neck is now reddish and inflamed. Y____Y

Anyhoo, from 31/8 - 2/9 12, there will be MATTA Fair at MITC. SO those in Melaka, go go go! I wanna go and see if I could find any good deals.hehe

B, I wish you're here..

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