Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Have you ever experienced being stressful when you were waiting for some answers/ signs?

I had since past week. And today Allah answered though not all but the little way that He showed us was enough to lift the pressure off our shoulders. Now it's time for B and I to work the condition put forward by his boss and live together shall we in the near future. InsyaAllah =)

You might not know what I'm talking about but once everything is confirmed, I will give my explanation. Just right now, I dont want to jinx anything, yet. Barakah in Ramadhan =)

Anyhoo, today I became the MC for Hari Kemerdekaan  and I did... average. Nothing to brag about, or to condemn about. I was too overwhelmed with holidays that I couldnt care less about school event.haha Bad teacher, bad teacher.

When you make that move into a relationship, specifically marriage, there's no turning back. For all the arguments, the fights, the disagreement, you just need to find the way and work it out. It could be frustrating at times but never be too selfish and think about yourself. That's one thing that I've been holding on since our long distance marriage began. Sometimes I did feel like shouting on the phone, cursing or screaming. But I know my status, my place that I'm a wife now.

I'm rambling.hehe Yesterday a colleague consulted me for an opinion and asked how B and I work our way into being in a long distance relationship. I've never thought about this before but since then, I've been thinking.hehe She's from east coast part and the boyfriend from southern part of the peninsular. and she's having problem with it and now having a second thought. They are getting engaged few days after Eid.

Alrite peeps. Have a safe journey back to your hometown, and happy holidays =))))
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