Friday, August 10, 2012


Majlis Khatam Al-Quran.

Last week, my mentor told me that she'd need to observe me. I knew this time would come eventually and I said ok. And today was the day. After the khatam quran event, we went straight too my class and she took her place at the back of the class. I told her beforehand that there'd not be much teaching today coz today was mainly to test the students' understanding of yesterday's lesson.

hehe I think I've become too comfortable with her that I didnt feel nervous at all.

After the class, I went to see her. I was dying to hear the comments. She said I could do better in my style where instead of asking the students to discuss in group, I could do brainstorming. Because these are Form 6 students, they didnt need group work for a simple task.Apart from that, everything was fine.

I had expected it because since I started teaching, I always have this thought about my pedagogy. I need somebody to comment and watch how I teach because I have zero experience in teaching Form 6. I'm still in my learning zone because until today, I still couldnt find my own style of teaching. I havent cracked the code to have 'the' best way to teach. 

InsyaAllah one day I will find =)

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