Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year is approaching.

Howdy people..

In few days, we are gonna say goodbye to 2010. Boy this year was a ride. been through ups and downs. but most of all they were all with friends. I couldnt be more thankful for all the experience. For this coming new year, i have no new resolutions. but to extend the old ones that have been with me for years waiting to be achieved =P

So, first and for all, I am gonna start my new year by rearranging all the business stocks. I just learnt how to do some basic account with my mum. yea i know it's kinda late right.haha before this i dont know how much money flew in and out. No tracks at all.haha so, this year, i am gonna keep track of everything. InsyaAllah. Just now i did some inventory checking. There are still many many items waiting for lucky owners to buy them, Want to be one?? =)

Another extended resolution is to lose some kilos. Actully, i had subconsciously achieved the target during my practical teaching where i lost about 5kgs. Unfortunately, i have regained back the lost kilos. T____T. so i need new motivation to lose the kilos. B challenges me to lose some. He will reward me with a brand new Levi's jeans if i manage to shed some weight before end of March i.e. our engagement kenduri. Ok. barang free, me want!! Bring it on Honey!

Another one and the most important is be better. I made mistakes, i hurt people, i hurt myself, so i wanna be better. Ignore nonsensical stuffs and enjoy the final sem of my 6-year course. Go to the beach with friends, belanja my family makan-makan and be nice to everyone.

Monday, December 27, 2010
yea i am desperate for cash right now. i love money. people say money cannot buy happiness. well i have all the happiness in the world. the only thing i am lacking right now is money $$$$. Ka ching! I dont know what is wrong but this is the first time i am feeling so desperate for money. You know how much i have right now?not even rm50! and the semester is starting!

this morning my mum asked whether i got cash or not to go back tomorrow. i feel embarrassed. and said No. i am hitting 24 and still have to depend on parents for money. seriously, i feel like a loser, almost shed tears already. that's why i have been dragging my butt to go to UKM tomorrow. i am moneyless, nak makan ape wey kat sane?

and please, dont ask me to ask money from my boyfriend. am gonna kick your ass!! ya hear me??? hate it. he got family to support too and he will be the last person i would turn for money. like my bro said: macam la aku takde mak bapak lagi kan? yerrr emosi mak!

Mdm Monica, pleassssse make me rich A.S.A.P!!!
Friday, December 24, 2010

Semester is about to start!!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I cant barely wait for the semester to start. Cant wait cant wait. with the new addition, Baby Ariana, my engagement, lotsa free time, cant wait.

Thursday, December 23, 2010
when i am at home, i am restricted to go anywhere. not that i am complaining, just want to inform certain people that i am different compared to when i am in UKM. not that i go clubbing, lepaking so much but at home, i always be at home. if i want to go out, i have to answers zillion questions from my mum especially before i am allowed to go. i dont have that much freedom.

again, i am not complaining. just to inform. please understand my situation. tak payah sindir2 aku nak keluar ke. no need to make me feel guilty. plus, mom is paying for the car fuel. sapa aku nak komplen lebey2 kan kalau dia tak bagi keluar??

shisssss!if i were to choose between you and my mum, mum would definitely comes 1st!.

so what ever it is, tunggu la aku balik ukm dulu. bole?
Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It is hard for me nowadays to update my blog. I have set up my laptop on the dining table. This new location gives me no privacy to update. Ya i know eventually my abah, siblings and you will read this but i dont feel comfortable typing my hearts out with eyes watching me. Currently, the people in family have gone to the mosque so I am freeeeeeeeeeeee!

I have gone for hostel registration yesterday. Same room same roomate. Nothing extraordinary. Cleaned the room, arranged some stuffs and left. Yea I went all the way to Bangi from Malacca and spent almost RM100 for toll, petrol and food just to register myself and came back home. Nice!

Currently money is tight now so  I dont have any plans until the allowance day comes. I dont know how am i going to start this sem with few bucks left. Ask from parents?? Naaahhh! BUT only if they ask if i still got money. if they dont, i dont have a face to beg from them.

B is coming next month to shop for our engagement gifts and rings. Yea me excitedddddd!!! The initial plan was to have no engagement ceremony with no gifts and such but his mother insists we have one. So, me will get gifts!!! and of course I will have to exchange some gifts too. The plan now is to have a small engagement ceremony with two rings -risik and tunang. And 5 vs 7 gifts to be exchanged. Though we are gonna have a ceremony, I still wanna keep it simple. No mini pelamin, vogehh outfit, door gift bla bla bla. We plan, or more to me actually plan to recycle what ever baju kurung or baju Melayu we have. The only problem is my cousin is getting engaged too this coming February. She plans to have it quite a ceremony. I am afraid my mum would want to do something like that too since I am her only daughter so she tends to go a bit over sometimes. She would want something like that oso but i hope i could talk her into doing something simple only. Engagement only. what to show??hehe

What else?? oh ya, i wish MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my Christian friends especially my classmates - Ambun, Steve, Julian, Sarah, Ah Sze, Ka Phin, Chan, Edmond and Crystal, Sze-ern, and all whom i didnt mention here. Have a blast kay before the semester starts!!!!

Just kidding. Hope you all will get what you want for this celebration!! =)

Friday, December 17, 2010
Dear bloggy,

sorry for neglecting you. I have no story to tell so better not ramble anything. hehe But now i have a story la. The other day  i went to visit pretty Mummy, Suzie who has given birth to the long awaited Baby Tum Tum. I couldnt believe it when i touched the little baby girl. She is here now!! She is fair and cute.

Hye, I am Ariana. -->; this name is not official yet =)

Baby Tum Tum arrived early, about 10 days before the expected date. I was in Kedah when she arrived. I was worried when her mummy sent me sms that she was in labor. Oh well, everything is fine now. Just happy to see a good friend of mine having her first baby. 

p/s I cant wait for next semester to come. Next month B will come to shop for our hantaran gifts together. uuu excited mak!!
Thursday, December 16, 2010
Dear Nurul,

I miss you.

Your blog.
Sunday, December 12, 2010
Friday, December 3, 2010
I love people who stands by me at my lowest state.

I respect people who hate me because they show me to stand up and held high.

I adore people who smile despite the hardship in their lives.

I admire people who can laugh at their own silliness.

I cherish people who always believe there's a silver lining in every dark clouds.

I idolize people who make the world a wonderful place to live in.

I appreciate people who understands that we are all different.

(originally from me, Nurul Razak, 2010)

It has been a rough few weeks for me. my emotional state was like riding a roller coaster. Everything is jumbled and shaken together to create a great martini. The quotes above are pretty much describing how i feel right now. I am living for my hometown in Sik, Kedah for few weeks. There is no internet connection. I hope to use all the time in the world there to think and reflect back about my life. What i really want and reorganize all my plans.

It is towards the end of 2010. In few weeks, we are gonna welcome 2011. Bye bye the time that we will never get back. I have not achieved any of my goals. actually goals that i have been planning to achieve or had become my new year resolutions for YEARS! I am not getting any younger. my biological clock has been screaming ' girl, do something or you live life liveless'. Scary right how the same person living in me always scream something like that and i always opted to ignore?

I have one more semester left and soon be a teacher in a place God-knows-where. I am not sure how i would be when that moment comes. But i am sure i can deal with it. i am a strong girl.

Before i stop writing and start packing to Kedah, i would like to say thank you to Shatieer my friend who cheered me during one of my darkest moment (cewah) in my life, Sally and Nadzlia. You all made me feel like 'oh, there are people who still love me, stand by me'. You know i wont bother you if i can handle all my problems myself. Thank you so much.

To B, let this incident helps us to be a better person, respect each other more, respect our parents. InsyaAllah, our jodoh will arrive soon.

To Ambun, my geng kereta myvi, can I appoint you to be sort of my engagement planner??hehehehehe

K peeps, enjoy the last bits of holidays!!

Yours truly,
Nurul Razak
Lendu, Malacca
Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has been a rough week for me


First of all, i want you to know it takes all my courage and skin to tell this.

I am not getting married next year!

We planned but something came up and the plan had to be cancelled. It's due to personal issue so I wont disclose it to anyone. Let it be known to our family only. *sila jangan gosip bukan2 ye*

Of course i was crushed but i believe it is for the betterment for both of us. So that we will be more ready and mature. Marriage is not to be decide on an impulse.

Apart from that, this gives us chances to  get stable with our life, financial and emotional aspect.

Thousand apologies to dear friend Redzu wan two tree. Yang salu kenak bug ngan aku.hehe BTW your sister has send the quotation that we wouldnt miss. Hopefully the price stays when we want to get married.hehehehe

When will the big day be then?

Honestly, I DONT KNOW. But for sure, when our jodoh is here.hehe

and the engagement ceremony will still be carried out. So I invite all my friends to come to my house in Malacca on 2nd APRIL 2011. Block your date. hehe
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