Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year is approaching.

Howdy people..

In few days, we are gonna say goodbye to 2010. Boy this year was a ride. been through ups and downs. but most of all they were all with friends. I couldnt be more thankful for all the experience. For this coming new year, i have no new resolutions. but to extend the old ones that have been with me for years waiting to be achieved =P

So, first and for all, I am gonna start my new year by rearranging all the business stocks. I just learnt how to do some basic account with my mum. yea i know it's kinda late right.haha before this i dont know how much money flew in and out. No tracks at all.haha so, this year, i am gonna keep track of everything. InsyaAllah. Just now i did some inventory checking. There are still many many items waiting for lucky owners to buy them, Want to be one?? =)

Another extended resolution is to lose some kilos. Actully, i had subconsciously achieved the target during my practical teaching where i lost about 5kgs. Unfortunately, i have regained back the lost kilos. T____T. so i need new motivation to lose the kilos. B challenges me to lose some. He will reward me with a brand new Levi's jeans if i manage to shed some weight before end of March i.e. our engagement kenduri. Ok. barang free, me want!! Bring it on Honey!

Another one and the most important is be better. I made mistakes, i hurt people, i hurt myself, so i wanna be better. Ignore nonsensical stuffs and enjoy the final sem of my 6-year course. Go to the beach with friends, belanja my family makan-makan and be nice to everyone.



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