Thursday, December 23, 2010
when i am at home, i am restricted to go anywhere. not that i am complaining, just want to inform certain people that i am different compared to when i am in UKM. not that i go clubbing, lepaking so much but at home, i always be at home. if i want to go out, i have to answers zillion questions from my mum especially before i am allowed to go. i dont have that much freedom.

again, i am not complaining. just to inform. please understand my situation. tak payah sindir2 aku nak keluar ke. no need to make me feel guilty. plus, mom is paying for the car fuel. sapa aku nak komplen lebey2 kan kalau dia tak bagi keluar??

shisssss!if i were to choose between you and my mum, mum would definitely comes 1st!.

so what ever it is, tunggu la aku balik ukm dulu. bole?


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