Friday, December 3, 2010
I love people who stands by me at my lowest state.

I respect people who hate me because they show me to stand up and held high.

I adore people who smile despite the hardship in their lives.

I admire people who can laugh at their own silliness.

I cherish people who always believe there's a silver lining in every dark clouds.

I idolize people who make the world a wonderful place to live in.

I appreciate people who understands that we are all different.

(originally from me, Nurul Razak, 2010)

It has been a rough few weeks for me. my emotional state was like riding a roller coaster. Everything is jumbled and shaken together to create a great martini. The quotes above are pretty much describing how i feel right now. I am living for my hometown in Sik, Kedah for few weeks. There is no internet connection. I hope to use all the time in the world there to think and reflect back about my life. What i really want and reorganize all my plans.

It is towards the end of 2010. In few weeks, we are gonna welcome 2011. Bye bye the time that we will never get back. I have not achieved any of my goals. actually goals that i have been planning to achieve or had become my new year resolutions for YEARS! I am not getting any younger. my biological clock has been screaming ' girl, do something or you live life liveless'. Scary right how the same person living in me always scream something like that and i always opted to ignore?

I have one more semester left and soon be a teacher in a place God-knows-where. I am not sure how i would be when that moment comes. But i am sure i can deal with it. i am a strong girl.

Before i stop writing and start packing to Kedah, i would like to say thank you to Shatieer my friend who cheered me during one of my darkest moment (cewah) in my life, Sally and Nadzlia. You all made me feel like 'oh, there are people who still love me, stand by me'. You know i wont bother you if i can handle all my problems myself. Thank you so much.

To B, let this incident helps us to be a better person, respect each other more, respect our parents. InsyaAllah, our jodoh will arrive soon.

To Ambun, my geng kereta myvi, can I appoint you to be sort of my engagement planner??hehehehehe

K peeps, enjoy the last bits of holidays!!

Yours truly,
Nurul Razak
Lendu, Malacca


sword said...

sama2 kita doakan semua ya,k..sepanjang minggu tok byk bnda yg kita blaja..semoga ALLAH mempermudahkan urusan kita.aminn..

valentine87 said...

wah benar ka? best best~~ it is an honour~~ yeah~~

Dewi Hiu bt. Iskandar Hiu said...

nurul~~~!!! good to know u're getting stronger each day. ada maca previous post ktk... guess u knew about it from nuffnang... hehehehe... pa2 pun, be strong keyh. mun jodoh sik g cney2... mek rasa jodoh ktk... aminnnn... *jadi mak nujum jap* hehehehe... lak amik pic banyak time tunang... mok tangga... best!

nurul razak said...

b: InsyaAllah

Ambun: mok ka???hehe tengkiu jee..........lebiu

kak dewi: InsyaAllah...kmk doa jodoh kitak sampey awal juak.sik bole langkah bendul..hehehe

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