Monday, December 27, 2010
yea i am desperate for cash right now. i love money. people say money cannot buy happiness. well i have all the happiness in the world. the only thing i am lacking right now is money $$$$. Ka ching! I dont know what is wrong but this is the first time i am feeling so desperate for money. You know how much i have right now?not even rm50! and the semester is starting!

this morning my mum asked whether i got cash or not to go back tomorrow. i feel embarrassed. and said No. i am hitting 24 and still have to depend on parents for money. seriously, i feel like a loser, almost shed tears already. that's why i have been dragging my butt to go to UKM tomorrow. i am moneyless, nak makan ape wey kat sane?

and please, dont ask me to ask money from my boyfriend. am gonna kick your ass!! ya hear me??? hate it. he got family to support too and he will be the last person i would turn for money. like my bro said: macam la aku takde mak bapak lagi kan? yerrr emosi mak!

Mdm Monica, pleassssse make me rich A.S.A.P!!!


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