Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It is hard for me nowadays to update my blog. I have set up my laptop on the dining table. This new location gives me no privacy to update. Ya i know eventually my abah, siblings and you will read this but i dont feel comfortable typing my hearts out with eyes watching me. Currently, the people in family have gone to the mosque so I am freeeeeeeeeeeee!

I have gone for hostel registration yesterday. Same room same roomate. Nothing extraordinary. Cleaned the room, arranged some stuffs and left. Yea I went all the way to Bangi from Malacca and spent almost RM100 for toll, petrol and food just to register myself and came back home. Nice!

Currently money is tight now so  I dont have any plans until the allowance day comes. I dont know how am i going to start this sem with few bucks left. Ask from parents?? Naaahhh! BUT only if they ask if i still got money. if they dont, i dont have a face to beg from them.

B is coming next month to shop for our engagement gifts and rings. Yea me excitedddddd!!! The initial plan was to have no engagement ceremony with no gifts and such but his mother insists we have one. So, me will get gifts!!! and of course I will have to exchange some gifts too. The plan now is to have a small engagement ceremony with two rings -risik and tunang. And 5 vs 7 gifts to be exchanged. Though we are gonna have a ceremony, I still wanna keep it simple. No mini pelamin, vogehh outfit, door gift bla bla bla. We plan, or more to me actually plan to recycle what ever baju kurung or baju Melayu we have. The only problem is my cousin is getting engaged too this coming February. She plans to have it quite a ceremony. I am afraid my mum would want to do something like that too since I am her only daughter so she tends to go a bit over sometimes. She would want something like that oso but i hope i could talk her into doing something simple only. Engagement only. what to show??hehe

What else?? oh ya, i wish MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my Christian friends especially my classmates - Ambun, Steve, Julian, Sarah, Ah Sze, Ka Phin, Chan, Edmond and Crystal, Sze-ern, and all whom i didnt mention here. Have a blast kay before the semester starts!!!!

Just kidding. Hope you all will get what you want for this celebration!! =)


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