Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lost temper

Before I went to report myself for duty, one thing that I kept telling myself was to have more self control over my anger. I didnt want banana to fruit twice, like when I was doing my teaching practicum. I got upset easily and got into mouth fight with students. =__________='.

But I broke my only rule today. It happened in my Form 2 class. I'm teaching them Pendidikan Sivik dan Kewarganegaraan. Yesterday during the ice breaking session, they asked me which school I went to bla bla bla. I told them I used to stay in Sarawak for 14 years. And as expected, they had very blur perception or I would say misleading ones about the state. I didnt mind in the beginning because, well they're ignorant. What started as a joke at first turned to something more offensive. I tried to change the perception and moved to the lesson instead. I thought it would stop there.

However, to my dismay, one of the students was being super sarcastic and cynical towards me. I was so angry. It was the last period of the day, they came in late about 15minutes from the mosque and the weather was super humid. So you can imagine how was my mood at that time. back to the story, I was teaching, talking about the lesson when this student interrupted me by saying rude remarks about me and Sarawak. and I was like, out of nowhere, ko pe dehal???I just couldnt take it anymooooreee (Ambun's style.hahaha)

I was so angry that I scolded him, in English.

"What's your problem with me, with Sarawak? You've never been there and you have no rights to say bad things at all. I dont remember bad mouthing your favourite state,Melaka, have i?.

That was when the whole class fell silent. I didnt shout like last time. I just blurted out word by word. Firm. And now I think the boy hates me. But who cares? duh! anddddddddddd back to the lesson I did. =)

Ok that's all for your evening reading.hee
Sunday, January 29, 2012


I miss you so much that if I have money right now, I would have bought flight ticket and fly to see you.

Last day of holiday

Still in Shah Alam. A short getaway with mom and bro was fun. Getaway la sangat.haha mom wanted to visit ikea so off we went yesterday. So far there are only 2 favourite places of mom in kl - ikea or jlan Tar.haha

Anyhoo, mom bought lotsa things yesterday. Me too but paid by mom.hahahahaha chose some home organisation stuffs. Mom and I were searching for a table lamp for bilik pgantin but couldnt find anything fancy.

School reopens tomorrow. Serious business starts tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Mom's Birthday

Today is my mother's birthday!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday Mak. Semoga panjang umur dan murah rezeki selalu.

Last year I gave her a handbag. But she barely used it =..='. So today I gave her something much much better.

I gave her a hug and kisses on both cheeks. She likes it even more than when I gave her the handbag.hehe

I dont hug my mom on casual basis. I hug her about once or twice a year, depending on occasions - raya or farewell. Tak biasa hug2.heheheh But today I did and it felt so good. Love you mom!

Honeymoon is confirmed!

Remember this post? We have to scratch that plan due to foresee circumstances.hee BUTTTT,,,,,,,,,

We are going to Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and jeng jeng jeng for our honeymoon.yeahhhhhhh! 

I love to give a theme so for our honeymoon the theme issssssssss *drum rolllllllllllllllls*

BEDOIUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Melayunya... BADWI!

Why the because?

We wont be staying in the same place more than 2 nights, that's why.hehehehehehehe We are going to transit to several places within a week.

Anyhoo, B spent the his off days to plan and settle our hotels and activities in jeng jeng jeng. Bookings have been made, deposits have been paid. Now waiting to pack the bag and leave. =))))))

Just a teaser of hotels we are going to stay.

Upon arrival, we'll be staying at this hotel.

The next day we'll leave the city and travel to the high land. Wanna take pictures with cows =))

The following day we will return back to the city and spend our last night here.

If you know the place then you know la. heeee Sajeeee jewww kasi suspen though macam dah tak suspen.hahahaha

You know or not, B, mom, my auntie and even my inner self have been telling me that I look more excited to go jalan-jalan than the wedding. But really, I'm wayyyyyyyyy more excited planning our holidays in different places than my own wedding.hahaha 


Homestay in Kuching: Booked and deposit paid.

Homestay in Sibu: Booked and deposit paid.

Hotel in Bintulu: We all redah jewww.

Hotel in Miri: Pon redah jugak.hahaha

I'm thankful that our rezeki is soo easy with the planning. Since B is the member of Petronas Chemical Group, we got member price for all the hotels which help us to save quite sum of money.hehe Alhamdulillah.

Now, what's next?
Thursday, January 26, 2012

I is happy

Today I went to work with my auntie. She needed help since she couldnt find my substitute yet. I didnt think but said yes on the spot.

I guess that gave some people heartache. Because me, the so called teacher was downgrading myself by working as a waitress. I was like..whatt??? Second class mind.

Takpela. Anyway, thanks for your concern =)

I have my own reasons. 
Primarily, I enjoy working there. Honestly. 

2ndly, this is my way of saying thanks to my auntie. You werent there when I felt my world was crashing. I was jobless for 6 months back then with a wedding to prepare. My auntie helped me by employing me to work with her. For almost 3 months working there, my mood improved tremendously. You might not know but you can ask my fiance. He knows. You can ask my mom. She knows. I was happy. Really happy. I stopped complaining how bad my life was. I stopped looking down on myself. I respect myself better.

That's why.

I'm happy. that matters.

New Crocs...


Haha some of you might know how crazy I am of my crocs. Bought it mid 2010 and still wearing and loving it till today.

I assume (yes I assume) that the teachers in my school are allowed not to wear fully covered shoes. So 3 days after reporting to the school, I started wearing my Crocs to school. ngeh ngeh ngeh. But I did feel uncomfortable because the fabric looked sooo worn out so last week I bought a bottle of black dye.

The before


The after. Much better right right right right??

I tot of buying a new one but I could find this design no more. Boo hoo... the latest one doesnt suit my taste at all (ekceli no money to buy..hahahah) soooo ...

Anyhoo, the dye cost me RM2.90 onlehhhhhhhhh!


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We're getting married!

Wah tajok tak boleh blah!haha

Anyhoo, I'm sooo excited since I just collected our invitation cards.hehehe last week the vendor called to inform that our cards were up for collection but I hadnt got time till today. Now we are officially getting married. Coz we got it written black and white yo!haha I know I've been counting days like 4 months 1 day left till the wedding but with the invitation cards right in front of my eyes, I couldnt contain my excitement. boleh?

Wanna teaser? 

I dont understand why must the picture turn 90' to the right =..='

The style is 3-fold-both sides-printed. wah kau sukati bagi nama.hehe We wanted to save some budget so we decided to share one card with 2 addresses. Jimattt!!

Anyhoo, the cards will be dispersed starting end of April to early May. Wait for it hoccay!
Monday, January 23, 2012

My first felt flower

Hehehehehe finally after sooo long finally I got to steal some time and started crafting again. Ok sounds like I'm a die hard crafter but am actually not.hahaha

I was in sulking mode this morning, with B. So when he called to make peace wimme, I just grabbed my flower template, a piece of felt, needle and thread. I started tracing the shape, cut here and there and started sewing.hehe Multi tasking - sulking and sewing.miahahaha


The outcome: I didnt get it why I used purple thread with pink felt. =___='... dahlah jahit tak kemas... 

I might use this as a brooch. We'll see coz.... pink is soo not me. =p
Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 months and 4 days

I drive my mom crazy every time I tell her:

"Mak, we only have 4 months 7 days before the wedding"

And I say it about 4 times a week.hahaha

4 months baby, 4 months.

Update on the wedding preps:

1. Wedding invitation - Done! But havent collected yet since I got no time to go =.='

2. Homestay in Kuching - Deposit paid!

3. Homestay in Sibu -  Deposit paid!

4. Horny moon -  Flight ticket checked! Still surveying for hotel and activities though. We ols going to Negeri Di bawah bayu jewww since cuti xpanjang. HEHEHE -  I cannot apply for CRK since I'm still in probation period. Plus cuti kawen mom said only 2 days jewww.

Anyhoo, I've decided that all my diy(s) idea will not be carried out since I dont have time. I'll make used of everything that's available.hehehe

Like I said before, I dont really follow my color theme. I'm so over that already because it's tiring and expensive to really do that. Mom is always worried that the curtain wont match the color theme and I hate it if that makes her stress. I want everybody to be happy, food is good and have a barakah reception. wah gitu!

But seriously, nowadays if people ask me what's the color theme/ theme, I'd say -  Rainbow theme.hahaha

My quarter chinese boipren. I miss u, u know or not? =p

Happy Chinese New Year Encik Sepul!!

Gadis lindungan kaabah  bulan.

I know I'm not perfect. I know I'm new. I know I'm a novice. Basically I know who I am.

I know you covered yourself physically from the tips of hair till toes. Sadly, you dont cover your bad personality.

You'll be in Jannah one day. I'll be in hell. Heh

I know. We all know.

Never mind. At least you taught me something today. You'll be blessed for that. The hikmah right? =)


Lately I've been so privacy-conscious (is that even a proper word?). Especially since I started working.

If you notice I didnt mention my school name. I didnt upload any photo related to my school. and I've hidden my comment box.

I'm so conscious that somebody or someone related to the school will read my blog. am I bajet-ting retis now?hahahah

Anyhoo, just so you know, above are the reasons.

There are some colleagues who wanted to be my FB friends but I tried as politely as I can to decline. I dont really know you.Let's be friends in real life first k?hehe plus no point oso la you add me in fb. I'm not an active member anymore.heeee

Well, have a good day ahead.

p/s should be heading to school now but sooo lazy to hit the shower.
Friday, January 20, 2012

I'M blessed =)

I arrived home at 7.45pm today. I was tired and hungry. Didnt take my lunch. But all the misery went away when I saw these:

My niece loves camera. Ikha, alang misses you soo much. Will only see you in May =(

Then today my GPK Form 6 came to my table and give me this. A souvenir from the speaker from Hong Kong University. I likeeeeee!

Annnndddddddddddd this kitty is mine!! B bought this for me from Milkadeal. I wanted the monkey but he said not cute.haha Anyhoooooo this is a pendrive. 8GB bebeh!

I'm not updating much these days. Every time I got home I just wanted to lay down, watch tv and sleep.hehe I'm not tired of the work. I'm tired of driving. Traffic jam in Melaka is crazy!

Anyhoo, I'm starting to love my school. Everyday I found at least one cool stuff bout the school. It even made me wanted to not asking for transfer soon. I want to learn more and gain as much as I can from this school coz not everyone can get this golden opportunity to learn. The school has countable no of excellent teachers (Guru cemerlang), the system used is current and modern, i love the learning environment where I can easily spot students revising in the library, at the canteen or any possible spot. I love the fact that this school always strives for excellence and they have this support system to push teacher to be the best. I love everything. But of course the workload is a lot. That's the only downside la. But no pain no gain right? =)

I've told B about my plan to stay at least for a year. Hopefully he will let me la...hehehe

Ok bye!

p/s I miss my B. We talk less now, less msg too. 
Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New routine

I wake up at the sound of my alarm at 5am every morning. I hit the snooze button and be in a fetus position cuddling with teddy bears and slimut busuk (yes you read right haha) till the alarm rings 10 minutes later. Then I will drag my feet to the bathroom.

I leave home at 6.10am. Super that early to avoid crazy traffic jam of Melaka. Many of my family and relatives once heard I got that school msg-ed or wrote on my wall saying 'Good Luck with the traffic jam". See? 

Mom will send me to the door every morning. I arrive at the school around 6.45am - without traffic congestion. If it's congested - maybe one hour.

From the past few days, I've seen a lot while driving. I saw school kids waiting for their school buses by the road side. I saw sleeping cows.hahaha I experienced how creepy the road from my house to Rembia. I saw drunk drivers. However, I enjoyed the morning drive. I enjoy the serene feeling. I enjoyed singing my lungs out to the radio. I wanted to enjoy the fresh morning air but scared the wind will spoil my perfect tudung arch.hahahahaha

Since my school always strives for excellence, the workload is much. Though it's only 3 days since I report myself to the school, i have been assigned to be PBSM and Skuasy and Debate teacher. Some teachers took my number because I will be in this committee and that committee members soon. Whoa. 

I've observed the teachers since day one. One thing I can tell, the works are crazy. I sit right in front of Ketua Panitia and I could see she has too much to handle. So do other teachers. The school faces minimal problems with the students but not workload. Phew. Preparing mentally. I've scrutinized the school activities for the whole year. Whoa. That's all I can say. The teachers are made of steel if we really follow the plan. Whoa. @.@

Oh btw, I was appointed the emcee for a talk for Form 6 students today. It was my first time as an emcee ever, and it's conducted in English coz the speaker's from Hong Kong University. I prepared some script but ended up babbling and didnt even look at the draft. =____='. Most of the Form 6 teachers were present. It was... well, I dunno la.hahah but according to one of the teachers, he said I did OK. hahaha but he could see i was nervous la.hahahahahah But i know for sure I will be given this emcee job in the future again unless I ask for transfer.heheh so need to buckle up with the skill then!

I miss B. Barely had time to sms or talk to him on the phone. I slept at 9pm nowadays. Too tired la coz I arrived home at 5pm++ usually. huhu

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another chapter has begun~

Hello everyone!

Today was the day I enter adulthood. Alhamdulillah, I've arrived to the beginning of this new journey, unknown of the path and will strive to survive it. I am officially a teacher! Cikgu Nurul =)

Today I went to JPN, carrying hopes and prayers from parents, family and friends, mixed with anxiety about what to expect. I arrived at JPN Melaka around 7.35am then headed to the respective meeting place. There, I saw many individuals, permanent teachers like me and some the contract teachers. Overall, there were 17 teachers to be posted (permanent teachers) today and 5 of us were TESLians and the rest ERT, Perdagangan etc.

We werent given the official letter for our placement on the spot. Some briefings were given first. One of the teachers who sat near to the speaker told me I got a school in Merlimau. I was like.... whoaaaa jauhnye..... straight away msged mom. Later, we were called one by one to collect our letter. I read my name. Below my name was the name of my school. I froze. It's not in Merlimau. It's at the center of the city.

I used to tell B I dont want this school. Because the school is too good and I dont think my standard can match theirs. God has its own plan, I got the school that I've been praying not to get. I didnt know how to react. I literally stood there, reading over and over again the name of the school. It's a freakin cluster school, a premier school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, after I was defrost.hahaha I drove alone, singing my lungs out to the music from the radio. 35 minutes later I arrived in front of the school. I talked to the guard, drove my car in, asked around and climb ed flight of stairs that seemed no end. I entered the office, Assalamualaikum, saya cikgu baru nak melapor diri.

The principal wasnt in so I waited for few minutes, filling in forms and got to know the clerks. and some teachers. and some parents.hehehe One man walked into the office. It was the principal. Followed him into the room. bla bla bla. He told me I'll be teaching MUET. I was like whattt? it's form 6 students rite? it's Pre-U students rite? I got heart attack right there and then.hahaha ok tipu. I was so nervous. But I'll be teaching lower form 6. Since the students will only come in May, I'll be trained by my mentor who teaches the Upper 6 students on how to teach MUET. So basically I'll be observing in the class and given some relief classes. HEHEHE

After the meeting. I met the clerk again. This time she handed me a file, for lesson plans, a punch, a stapler and staples, a black whiteboard marker and a 4GB pen drive. I was so sakai that I got a pendrive.hahahahahahaha FYI, all the lesson plans can be downloaded from the net.so easy peasy la like that.hahaha but more paperwork and admin stuffs for teachers.

Mom said: Hint soh buat keja banyak.hahahahah

***** eh panjang pulak...still nak baca ke?? sila scroll....haha*********

After that I went to see GPK Form 6 and introduced myself bla bla bla. The teacher brought me to the staff room and introduced me to some of the teachers. After that I walked around the staff rooms and introduced myself. I barely remember all the names but I'll get it some days.hehe I was given a table opposite guru panitia b.inggeris so I'm lucky.Lucky because I'll force myself to speak in English instead of BM. My English has become soooo rusty.

Then.... I went to see the GPK Co curriculum, to ask about my 'tasks'.heheheh  I was given 2 choices between rugby and squash. Hell yeah I'd choose the latter.hahaha then he said I'll be in PBSM too. =___='. I hv no experience in that uniform body but I'll learn. Actually I asked to be in the debate club since the guru panitia wants me there but I failed. Takpolah..hahah

I didnt know what time teachers were supposed to go back. Since it's a cluster school. the system is a bit different. I was informed that today was a meeting day for sport club. So off I went to the respective place for the meeting. We basically chose the head of the club like the chair man bla bla. SO that's my first task of the day.hehehe

I left the school compound at 4.25pm and arrived home some times around 5pm....huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I just realised that I didnt eat anything nor drink a drop of water since morning. Sampai rumah baru rasa dehydrated gilerrr.

I pray that this is the best school for me to start my career, to build my self confidence and personality. God knows. I pray that I will learn more and grow mature and be the best teacher for my students. I foresee circumstances on the way but I pray I'll be strong, determine and committed to the job. InsyaAllah =)

p/s Name of the school is not mentioned for privacy purposes. hee
Sunday, January 15, 2012

The catch of the day

Today I decluttered my room - throwing away old shoes and clothes that hv not been worn for more than 3 years. I put all the stuffs into 2 separate plastic bags and left them in front of the gate. Just like black hole, seconds later the bags were gone. Must hv found their new owner.

Now can see the floor. In b4, =___='. My room is getting 'semak-ed' because of the stuffs for the wedding. 

I oso clean the interior of mom's myvi. God knows how neglected the car has been since I left Uni.hahahah After lunch, my mom and I headed to Melaka and I stopped by at a car wash to clean the exterior of the car. Yeah now super clean.mueheheh

We wanted to go to Jusco unfortunately the mall was so pack that we couldnt find a parking space. After went around for a while, we exited the parking lots and headed to Tesco. =.='

I have prepared some moolah for my stationery but the excited mom insisted on paying. So, rezeki came rolling why shove it away?hahaha

What's the catch of the day?

1. Note Pad - wanna be a role model to students, jot down important things. gitewww!

2. Scissor - Please dont judge me...... I'm not cute but I bought that cute thing because it was the cheapest of its own. =....=

3. Pens -  one in every color.

4. Cutter - it's a habit since school to have a cutter. 

5. Liquid paper

6. Eraser

7. Contact lenses + the solution. - I told the girl I wanted 3 pairs only. The usual price is RM50. I was confident to pay when the girl told me it's RM120. Gelabah jap. I took all the money in my purse but I only had RM90. Shamelessly, I said sorry, ran to the nearest ATM machine, withdrawn rm50, ran back to the shop. The girl looked confused.hahaha because I ran out without saying anything. I left my RM90 on the table.haha

I dont feel anything at the moment. Maybe because Melaka is soo small, I'm not nervous at all. Normal isit?

Anyhoo, good luck to me and the rest of C4 batch whom lives are gonna make a new turning point tomorrow. InsyaAllah~

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wee Hoo~

Assalam lovely people =)

Today was fun. My uncle and auntie had a kenduri doa selamat to celebrate their wedding anniversary and to celebrate that all their kids have finished school and working now. My auntie went all out with the food as she prepared almost 7 different dishes - daging salai masak lemak with rebung, ayam masak merah, pisang masak lemak, sambal jawa, sambal melayu (haahahaha), acar, ikan masin bulu ayam (hahahahaha) and sambal belacan. Eh! Altogether were 8 dishes la....haha please be informed that all the names are not made by me. It's the real name! Not to mention many many kuehs (cakes) like kuih bakar (the favourite), kuih seri muka, kuih telinga k, marble cake and I couldnt remember anymore =___='

Not related. B, this is kuih bantal =p

As of wedding preparation, Alhamdulillah, everything almost sorted their way into the picture. I'm no longer stress about unnecessary thing. I was so stress that Miss Red was late for a week this month.hahahaha aMainly because I'm gonna start working next week. Yeay half month salary for January.Muahaha

Apart from that, I've got many people wanted to sponsor this and that, lent me this and that. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. You know what, about a week ago I told my mom that I dont want to decorate the bedroom with purple theme. Just want something pastel, or light color and I chose cream. God is great, today Mak Teh, my auntie brought her gorgeous curtain completed with the scallop for the room. She made the curtain for Kak Ana's wedding back in 2005 and never been used since. And it's cream/light gold. =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). 

So far:

Groom: Checked. I'll have this one.hahahaha

Venue: Checked

Theme color: Rainbow. Checked. haha

Bridal: Checked

Dresses: Pending 

Invitation cards: Almost check

Photography: Checked.

Catering: Checked

Canopy: Pending.

The rest: Almost checked.

B has started his legal document process on his side. One thing is, can HIV form from Sarawak be used in Melaka? Should be right? It's confusing since different states have its own Jabatan Agama, the rules and regulations oso different. Well, gonna call MAIM one of these days...

Now now I know wedding stuff is boring. 

Tomorrow I'm gonna go and spend soma moneyhhhhhhh for pens, pencils, ruler, liquid paper etc. Gosh i'm excited as if I'm going back to school. HEHEHEHE My mom is excited too. We went to Pasar Malam in Alor Gajah today and she stopped at this booth, selling brooches. She asked me to choose anything that I like. We went shopping brooches yawwww!hahahah 

Ok la. bye!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bidding farewell!

*This is a picture-less post*

Wah gitu! Not going anywhere but saying good bye to all the people who have walked into my life since I started working with my auntie.

Yup today was my last day, and I was so energetic (thanks to Ali Cafe) and happy and I could feel that I was glowing.hahaha mampo?

Since the posting news came, I've already bid farewell to some of my auntie's regular customers and people who were so nice to me since the beginning. Here it goes:

1. The newspaper uncle: He's an Indian uncle who delivers newspapers to the shop. I usually only chatted with him for few lines like 'metro/bharian' or 'ni rm3' or the least 'thank you Uncle!'. But today I spent few seconds more telling him that today was my last day working and I'm gonna report for duty next week. He congratulated me and wished me 'Good luck Cikgu!'. Sobs!

2. The lecturers: Some of the lecturers always asked about my posting issue and have been so supportive all this while. When I told them I finally got the call, they were so excited, and wished me good luck.hehe I'm touched ='). One of the lecturer, TESL lecturer even told me to call her if I need any help. Love these people!

3. The Kuew tiaw Goreng uncle: This uncle is a gardener for the SJKC in front of the shop. He loves our kuey tiaw goreng and tea tarik and never ordered anything else except for when we ran out of kuey tiaw. He gave me the widest smile when he heard the news and wished me good luck. This uncle is very quite but he smiles a lot.hehe

There are many more but I only highlight these 3 group of people because what ever their reactions, wishes and prayers to me, it all went straight to my heart. It's a heartwarming feeling to know that there are strangers in my life who could show so much happiness for me. Alhamdulillah.

Working at my auntie's shop was a bumpy ride. I didnt always get good customers. I got scolded, lectured, tutored under the same roof and I learned a lot. It's not a cliche. God let me experience that not everyone can get. I make friends along the way. Nowadays, when I go to my village Pasar Malam, I got people say hi to me. Or waive at me from across the road. Acts of recognition. I used to be 'anak Cikgu Razak yg kahwin dua tuuuu'. But now people call me Nurul.hehe It's an honour.

Now now, entering the new phase in life. Adulthood! I dunno what to expect by i'm expecting a bumpy ride. I expect good marriage ahead (wah kau sempat!)hahahaha and making decision in life. 

p/s Anyhoo, tiket raya pegi sibu sudah beliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Future - What's the plan?

Despite the great news of our placement yesterday, 50% of me feels sad because one thing that stuck in my head is - long distance marriage (LDM). Phew.

B and I discussed on the phone last night. All the possibilities that might come into our way after we get married. We talked about a house, should we rent a house in Bintulu or not. At first, I suggested that we dont need a house because face it, I'm only able to go to Bintulu during long holidays i.e. Mid year and end year school holidays. So I dont think we need a house. We can just stay at the hotel whattttt?hahaaa Plus the price to rent a house is crazy there.

B disagreed. One strong rebuttal: He wants somebody to wait for him when he comes home and send him at the door before he goes to work. Alu cair ati kmk kohhhhhhh. Though I wont be long in Bintulu but he wants to experience all that while I'm there. Ok my sugar, we'll find a house.

We also talked about the frequency of us seeing each other. Obviously B has to B the one to fly to West Malaysia since he only works for 4 days and have 4 days off. Maybe he'll fly back once or twice per month. Boo hoo.. Air Asia and MAS websites are already bookmarked.hahahaha

Never mind.... we can have a LDM like Giuliana and Bill! I always watch their show since the jobless phase started (=_______=') and I admire how they keep the marriage strong despite having a LDM. I can too bebeh! We can! InsyaAllah!


p/s still waiting to know which school I'm gonna spend my sweat, blood and tears.hahaha Hopefully tomorrow then I'll have more semangat to update. Chiaoooo (Giuliana style..hahahha)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ALHAMDULILLAH. After 8 months of waiting. =)

Wordless Wednesday

Mode: Rindu

Sobs =')

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A drop of rezeki

Last night, rezki has knocked on TESL graduates door, the calling for placement has finally arrived for them. However, it is only for TESL Sekolah Rendah, for us the Sekolah Menengah, InsyaAllah will be announced in few days/weeks/months. Who knows =p

Thank you to our Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education Dr Wee Ka Siong who always try to listen and help us, the 'forgotten' graduates. Just yesterday, I read few tweets/facebook statuses many of my friends who called BPSM and the likes asking for the placement. Unfortunately, they were told that somebody/someone havent given our name lists bla bla bla. So these determined friends later tweeted Dr Wee about the issue. Maybe he did push around, and voila, by midnight, those TESL SR could already check the states, where they are posted. See?? Something is wrong with the system. Luckily nowadays we have technology to go directly to the Big Man and everything is settled.hehe Congratulations to you guys, TESL SR graduates!!


It's been more than a week that rain hasnt stopped by our village. We always joke around at the shop saying that Anis' shirt should be removed from the roof. Haha there's this old believe that to avoid rainy day during a wedding reception, throw a worn shirt of the bride on to the roof. Throw the shirt they did. hahaha But seriously, the weather is super dry and hot.

The card vendor didnt call yesterday. =______________='. But they did just now. So I'm required to go the shop and do final checking before they can print the cards. Why cant they just email it to me??Duh!

I got extra RM5 today.tee heee not much but Alhamdulillah. Now I have enough to pay for the cards and to pay my debt to B. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Today is so much better than yesterday. =)))

p/s I was sooo stress yesterday (deleted the post btw..haha) because I did something so stupid. I was supposed to buy a ticket for my brother from Sibu - KL. I have NEVER made any mistake in purchasing online ticket but I did foolishly this time. I bought a ticket from KL - Sibu intead of the Sibu -KL =_____________________________________='. Of the course I went meroyaning for few days thingking where to find the money to pay since I used B's credit card. I'm gonna pay it back today. Dahlah sesak-sesak duit boleh pulak buat salah yg bodo kan?hehehehe

Ok bye! Harini ada pasar malam lendu. Murtabakkkk!!!
Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby talks

My niece is 2 years old ++. Kids at this stage are mostly interesting because they are in the phase of learning how to talk and explore. My brother and sister in law have got their hands full handling the daughter who is most of the time is super active. Too active that grandmas from both side already made statemen 'tak larat nak jaga'.hahaha

I love to ask random questions to Ikha because of the answers. I love the intonation of her words and dialect. Apparently she's got Penang dialect because her babysitter is a Penangite. She used 'na mau' to say 'tak nak'.hahah just cute. Even now Adam, her cousin is following the phrase. Just watch the video! Taken in June.

Just the other day when she was around, as usual I asked her so many questions. I guess she was tired entertaining this lame Mak Lang so she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. What's funny was she even made the sound 'krohhh krohhh'!!! pretending she was sleeping. Adoiiiiiii. 

The other day, I tagged along my brother and went jalan-jalan and Jusco Bandaraya. My brother wanted to test a newly bought stroller -  bought specially for Kuc/Sibu trip.muehehehe Before this my bro carries ikha around in his arms because if they let ikha to walk by herself, she's gonna run around and they scared if she gets lost.

Hhahahahaha Muka toya protest because she never likes to sit in a stroller. She was sooo angry and moody to sit in it.hahahah The balloon was given by a clown. She was not at all amazed by the balloon. Haha the balloon didnt survive coz Ikha bit it till it burst =_____='

Yeahhhhh I'm freeeeeee! In a state of super active. I literally had to run around to catch her. Since she's witty, she escaped many times. Lame Mak Lang!

HAHAHAHAHAHA My brother said history was made that day when she finally fell asleep in the stroller. First time hokay! This kid is a tough one to sleep unless in quite space and every body also sleeps.hehehe

p/s Mak Lang is in missing mode. Miss ikha. Gonna see her only in May for the wedding. Will you still call me 'Alang'?? =')

Random moment

I seldom ask b how much he loves me. Because i find that question rhetorical.hehe

But today while talking on the phone i asked the question. He sang:

Sedalam dalamnya lautan india...
dalam lagi cintaku pada mu....

Familiar? Yeapppp it's the phrase from a dangdut song. =____________=

Ni yg malas nak jiwang2.mesti xjd. Hehe
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Saturday, January 7, 2012


To the government, please please please please please call me to report for service asap!hehehe You wont want to miss a highly excited teacher who wants to start giving back to the nation. wah gitu! yeappp. Been unemployed for 8 months and counting babeh!


Today was a bit slow. This morning, I accompanied mom to Honda Service center. We arrived at 10.55am as our appointment was at 11.15am. When the receipt came back, it was stated that the estimated time for delivery was at 3PM!!! I was already hungry so I bugged mom to go somewhere else. I called for a taxi and by 12pm, we were in Jusco. yeah yeah yeah. We went for lunch first before jalan-jalan. The weirdest thing was while eating, we got a call from the service center saying that the car was ready. Whattttt??!!! It's like the first time in history since mom bought the car that it took less than 2 hours for the service. =___________=

Cut story mory short, after the service, we later went to the shop where I book my wedding cards. It was supposed to be the final checking before printing. I was disappointed. The design from B's side was not ready, not complete. They even put the map to my house on his side. I was disappointed because:
  1. it has been a month since I put down half of the deposit.
  2. they never give me any email to inform about the progress. I had to call first asking. They promised to email.
  3. after a month, i expect only some minor errors but it was larger than that.
  4. I called on Friday saying that I was going to see the draft today and they still had the nerve to show me unfinished work. *sad*
I'm a cool bride *puke*. I dont like to show my annoyance in front of people. So I told the kakak nicely to finish it and I want it to be done asap. Because they agreed in the first place that the cards would be ready in 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah, the kakak was apologetic of the situation. She looked disappointed too looking at the card because it was done by one of the staffs who were on leave. Haish. The kakak promises to have the matter done - she even wrote 'URGENT' on my draft and would like for me to come back on Monday. HEHE

Even mom was looking angrier than me.hahahahahaha Hopefully it will turn out so fine.

Catering for reception.

Alhamdulillah, mom has finally finalised the menu with our caterer. woot woot! Since food play a major and vital and deadly role in any wedding, therefore, Mom has confidently chooses the caterer without doubt. wah gitu!

The caterer is none other than mom's colleague in her school. Yeay. We hired them before for merisik and engagement events last year so my mom is confident with the services. Plus we were told by relatives and B's family that the food was delicious especially the briyani.ehehe

Engagement. Mom ordered kampung food that time, not beriyani. Beriyani was during merisik.hehehe

Bits of information:

A.Z Farhan Catering, Masjid Tanah Melaka. 

They offer various packages starting with RM8 per head. Mom opts for package A which includes:
  1. Nasi beriyani
  2. Nasi putih
  3. Ayam masak merah
  4. Daging rebung masak lemak
  5. Acar buah
  6. Pajeri nenas
  7. Fruits
  8. Chocolate cake for dessert- seriously this cake is sooooo yummeh and sooo moist!
  9. Pulut hitam for dessert
  10. Mineral water
  11. Punch drinks
  12. Papadom.
  13. Special dishes for high table: Siakap 3 rasa, udang berhias, sotong berhias etc.
  14. 2 tiers wedding cake
  15. Special door gifts for 30 pax
  16. Since we order for more than 1000 guests, we are going to get free 200 goody bags.
Fuhhh! Seems a lot right?tee hee. Mom intention is to invite all of her colleagues, relatives in Kedah, all relatives in Singapore. Basically all la... So she wants the food to be satisfying. I also prefer to spend the money on food than other stuffs. ngeh ngeh.

Some plus points for this caterer are:
  1. They use boiled water not directly from the pipe.
  2. They do not wash the dirty dishes at the client's house. Selamat longkang. =p
  3. They provide 15 waiter/waitresses in uniform.
  4. Tissues and utensils are provided.

The only minus point for this caterer is they dont provide canopy service so we have to look for another vendor. So far we have listed 2 which are yet to be contacted.hehehehe 

So next, wedding invitations to be finalised tomorrow then can start printing already. Woo hoo! *dalam hati, rabak poket....eh bukan dah koyak sampai tak boleh tampal lagi ke??hahaha*

Have a great weekend everyone!!

p/s it makes me sad when some individuals who blatantly said we want to show off by hiring a caterer for the wedding. Or said, Takpela...mak kaya...boleh la..."  If you know us, I mean my mom, she prefers to do rewang -  cook ourselves with the help of the neighbours. The problem is who's going to help us with all the work? We lived in Borneo for 14 years, which means we missed most of the kenduri in kampung. Kita tak tolong kenduri orang, sape nak tolong kenduri kita??? 
Friday, January 6, 2012


the previous post was embarrassing. After the one hour therapy phone call with B the love counselor followed by 2 hours of afternoon nap, I'm ready to grind again baby!!!hehehehe

Sometimes I would lose everything I'm holding on to but all I need to stand tall and smile again are telephone call and sleep.

I woke up just now and this picture appeared in my top post story. o Allah, are you giving me a sign? Bless  Kak Asay who shared this picture on FB =)

The caption said: Go ahead  complain about your life

Be thankful Nurul. Please!


I cannot shut every mouth who condemns me.

I cannot slap the faces that look down on me.

I cannot force myself to smile every time they talk nonsense about me.

I just cant.

Today was bad. Last night I dreamed of a heyuuuge black wild boar played in front of my house. When it saw me, it tried to ram me with the tusks and I ran into the car. I tried to close the door but couldnt because one of the tusks was in the way.

I woke up with my heart beating fast. Really fast as if the dream was real.

That's how my day began. Later with some disturbing news from my friend didnt help much. I almost lost it and wanted to blame God for it. Astagfirullah.

And at the shop today, I dont even know this woman, have only met her few times but she already condemning me like I were her daughter. I did not foresee this circumstances and I still could'nt forecast the future. Kill me for that. 

Few tear drops did appear today, after so long. 

You can condemn me. But that's the limit I could swallow. Not Mom, especially. Not B too. These are my backbones from the past few months. Please.

I pray not for your misery but please be considerate. One day, if your daughter were ever in my shoes, you'll understand.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

of wedding talks

I'm sleepy and yawning every 2 minutes. But I'm waiting for the clock to strike 10 then send a message to B and wait for his call.tee hee he's working night shift tonight so I'm left bored. boooo

It's been sometimes since I last update about my wedding preps. Truth is, I'm getting bored with all the wedding talks. This one NO kidding! I was so tired about the various options that I let my mom to choose my wedding dress design and dais. hahah I guess I cant be like the BBF who are so patient and determine to make their big day big.hew hew...

For the color theme, I've decided to stick on purple. Dont care la  if it's the same with my cousin. From a positive point of view I could recycle  use some of her stuffs like purple carpets (this one i lerbbb the most...hahaha) coz you know carpets are expensive, her deco stuffs like flower and the butterflies. I could even borrow their curtains! hehehehe

Yeppp those purple carpets. My auntie got 3 of those. muehehehe

Yerp those butterflies. Though I have no ideas what to do with them =.='

Basically, anything that can be recycled, I would! For the dulang, another auntie has offered to lend me hers which look almost like this.

Thanks Busu =))

So I have to let this idea go plus my mom is totally against this idea. Quote: 'macam hantaran main2"

Apart of being so overwhelmed with all the wedding stuffs, another reason is because I dowan to argue with Mom anymore so most of the time I would say yes to all her suggestions. I know it's my own wedding but it breaks my hear to break hers. I'm scared that I will offend her in any ways terus majlis aku takde berkat. 

My mom wanted to have Malam Berarak oso like my cousin but abah refused. *phew*. So cancel that plan.hahah but she wants me to have the "tukar-tukar costumes" event. I really dont want to change clothes so many times coz it's tiring and when I'm tired, I'll become super grumpy. I tried to appeal (wah gitu) but she'd always use this phrase "ko sorang jeww anak perempuan mak".. Kalau uols sampai hati tak??? I gave in because I'm gonna follow B to Bintulu after that so I make it a must for myself to make my mom happy in every ways through out the wedding. *Sobssss, sayang mak*

So far, I've booked the bridal shop for the dais and dresses, MUA will be my auntie, the one who did mine for engagement, wedding invitation is also done. My mom is still negotiating with her colleague for the catering. Hopefully we can get cheaper price than the quotation.tee hee

B and I are also busy listing out some of the homestays in Kuching for our family trip after the reception. This one I really put all the efforts to search for the best homestay and transportation because it's FREAKIN' family trip to Kuching yalll with all the family members coming!It's gonna be 16 of us weeeeeeeeeeee......hehehehehehehhe see, even thinking about this makes my heart flowery lah~!

Nom nom nom!

This is one of the few snacks that I can munch non stop without feeling guilty. hehehehe 

It's a Cosway product, priced at RM7.90. Sorry I forgot to snap a picture of the content because all went down safely into my belly, but all I can say, yummeh and healthy.

Annnnnddddddddddddd it helps your bowel movement tooooo!hahahahah


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My cousin's wedding!!!

Last week, on 30th of December, my cousin Anis got hitched to his boyfriend. It was a close ceremony with family and closest friends around.

Both are captains in the army =)

The dais.

The 'dup dap dup dap' moment. Sekali lafaz jewwww. My dad and eldest cousin were the witnesses. =)

From her. 15 berbalas 13. Mampoo?

The bedroom.

Came night time, it was the time for the parade. It's a custom in Melaka for the newly weds to walk while the firecrackers being light up. It was my second time to watch this kind of ceremony after... hmm....15 years maybe?

I was there by no intention at all, when my auntie passed me the bunga.... ceh.. penat ai ayu2 tau.haha

It's a custom for the bride to have 'sanggul lintang' for the night but my cousin refused. I also dowan to wear that head gear. 

End of 2nd part.

On 31st of December, it was the reception day. Most of the family members wore purple clothes, especially the girls in respect of the color theme.hehehe 

Not to brag but my niece was the star of the day after the newly weds.heheheheh she was friendly to everybody. But she insisted to kacau me while I was duty. Sikit2 'alang.' nak dukung.heheh haish...mish u la.

I was the flower girl  door gift girl with the rest of the cousins.hehe but i always escaped from the duty though because the weather was humid hot. Got headache by standing for 15 minutes under the sun. All of us got sun burn at the end of the day =.='

Have I told chu that my baju is the same with one of the makciks who helped out during the reception??? T___T..  I mean the pattern not the material...Why is this always happening to meeeeee?? 3 years ago when Leen got married and I was the Maid of honour, the pattern of my baju kebaya was exactly like the curtain pattern... Somebody is cursing me...huwaaaaa

Now now,,, the most anticipated event of the day!!!!!!!

The groom was waiting for his bride to come.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! This was my first time to witness this kind of protocol for weddings. The sword bearers. But but... not so nyem... I was sad...hahahaha

Swords up!! *puk pang puk pang the kompang team at the back* whoaaaaa @.@

Thanks yall!!!

At the meja beradab. Unlike our usual seat arrangement, for army, the guest who sit at the high table are the commandant and the sword bearers. Mom and dad. No other relatives.

Cake cutting ceremony. Using a sword!

 In a nutshell, it was a happy ceremony with all the relatives and friends around. The only bad thing happened on that day was somebody stole my cousin's handbag while she was going for the outdoor photoshoot. She lost her hantaran watch, 2 other watches, 2 white gold rings. Estimated loss, RM2K. T___T. At first none of us realised the incident but after the reception, somebody came to the house and said she found Anis's ic and other identifications at the road side of Kelemak. Then only we realised the bad thing. Anis was furios, of course. We all too. But thing had happened.

A good reminder for all bride to be. Keep your things in a safe place. Not everyone we can trust even friends.

 Hoccay yalls.

Anticipating the next wedding in the Family, my cousin too, Diera, in March in Pahang. wahhhhh!!!!!!!

p/s All photos were taken from Kak GG's, Mak teh's and Syasya's cameras.thehehehee

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