Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New routine

I wake up at the sound of my alarm at 5am every morning. I hit the snooze button and be in a fetus position cuddling with teddy bears and slimut busuk (yes you read right haha) till the alarm rings 10 minutes later. Then I will drag my feet to the bathroom.

I leave home at 6.10am. Super that early to avoid crazy traffic jam of Melaka. Many of my family and relatives once heard I got that school msg-ed or wrote on my wall saying 'Good Luck with the traffic jam". See? 

Mom will send me to the door every morning. I arrive at the school around 6.45am - without traffic congestion. If it's congested - maybe one hour.

From the past few days, I've seen a lot while driving. I saw school kids waiting for their school buses by the road side. I saw sleeping cows.hahaha I experienced how creepy the road from my house to Rembia. I saw drunk drivers. However, I enjoyed the morning drive. I enjoy the serene feeling. I enjoyed singing my lungs out to the radio. I wanted to enjoy the fresh morning air but scared the wind will spoil my perfect tudung arch.hahahahaha

Since my school always strives for excellence, the workload is much. Though it's only 3 days since I report myself to the school, i have been assigned to be PBSM and Skuasy and Debate teacher. Some teachers took my number because I will be in this committee and that committee members soon. Whoa. 

I've observed the teachers since day one. One thing I can tell, the works are crazy. I sit right in front of Ketua Panitia and I could see she has too much to handle. So do other teachers. The school faces minimal problems with the students but not workload. Phew. Preparing mentally. I've scrutinized the school activities for the whole year. Whoa. That's all I can say. The teachers are made of steel if we really follow the plan. Whoa. @.@

Oh btw, I was appointed the emcee for a talk for Form 6 students today. It was my first time as an emcee ever, and it's conducted in English coz the speaker's from Hong Kong University. I prepared some script but ended up babbling and didnt even look at the draft. =____='. Most of the Form 6 teachers were present. It was... well, I dunno la.hahah but according to one of the teachers, he said I did OK. hahaha but he could see i was nervous la.hahahahahah But i know for sure I will be given this emcee job in the future again unless I ask for transfer.heheh so need to buckle up with the skill then!

I miss B. Barely had time to sms or talk to him on the phone. I slept at 9pm nowadays. Too tired la coz I arrived home at 5pm++ usually. huhu

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