Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My cousin's wedding!!!

Last week, on 30th of December, my cousin Anis got hitched to his boyfriend. It was a close ceremony with family and closest friends around.

Both are captains in the army =)

The dais.

The 'dup dap dup dap' moment. Sekali lafaz jewwww. My dad and eldest cousin were the witnesses. =)

From her. 15 berbalas 13. Mampoo?

The bedroom.

Came night time, it was the time for the parade. It's a custom in Melaka for the newly weds to walk while the firecrackers being light up. It was my second time to watch this kind of ceremony after... hmm....15 years maybe?

I was there by no intention at all, when my auntie passed me the bunga.... ceh.. penat ai ayu2 tau.haha

It's a custom for the bride to have 'sanggul lintang' for the night but my cousin refused. I also dowan to wear that head gear. 

End of 2nd part.

On 31st of December, it was the reception day. Most of the family members wore purple clothes, especially the girls in respect of the color theme.hehehe 

Not to brag but my niece was the star of the day after the newly weds.heheheheh she was friendly to everybody. But she insisted to kacau me while I was duty. Sikit2 'alang.' nak dukung.heheh haish...mish u la.

I was the flower girl  door gift girl with the rest of the cousins.hehe but i always escaped from the duty though because the weather was humid hot. Got headache by standing for 15 minutes under the sun. All of us got sun burn at the end of the day =.='

Have I told chu that my baju is the same with one of the makciks who helped out during the reception??? T___T..  I mean the pattern not the material...Why is this always happening to meeeeee?? 3 years ago when Leen got married and I was the Maid of honour, the pattern of my baju kebaya was exactly like the curtain pattern... Somebody is cursing me...huwaaaaa

Now now,,, the most anticipated event of the day!!!!!!!

The groom was waiting for his bride to come.

Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! This was my first time to witness this kind of protocol for weddings. The sword bearers. But but... not so nyem... I was sad...hahahaha

Swords up!! *puk pang puk pang the kompang team at the back* whoaaaaa @.@

Thanks yall!!!

At the meja beradab. Unlike our usual seat arrangement, for army, the guest who sit at the high table are the commandant and the sword bearers. Mom and dad. No other relatives.

Cake cutting ceremony. Using a sword!

 In a nutshell, it was a happy ceremony with all the relatives and friends around. The only bad thing happened on that day was somebody stole my cousin's handbag while she was going for the outdoor photoshoot. She lost her hantaran watch, 2 other watches, 2 white gold rings. Estimated loss, RM2K. T___T. At first none of us realised the incident but after the reception, somebody came to the house and said she found Anis's ic and other identifications at the road side of Kelemak. Then only we realised the bad thing. Anis was furios, of course. We all too. But thing had happened.

A good reminder for all bride to be. Keep your things in a safe place. Not everyone we can trust even friends.

 Hoccay yalls.

Anticipating the next wedding in the Family, my cousin too, Diera, in March in Pahang. wahhhhh!!!!!!!

p/s All photos were taken from Kak GG's, Mak teh's and Syasya's cameras.thehehehee


Anonymous said...

ai macam kenal gambar2 yg uols post. mcm dari cammie ai jek. Wahahahaha

Sue Andy's said...

aie kenak kapitan female x pake uniform :P

Nurul Razak said...

kak gg:hahahaha okeh now i put the credit to k.lupe ah smalah.haha

suzie: sebb ya adik kajen ku juak.hehe nya bukan lam army.

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