Sunday, January 15, 2012

The catch of the day

Today I decluttered my room - throwing away old shoes and clothes that hv not been worn for more than 3 years. I put all the stuffs into 2 separate plastic bags and left them in front of the gate. Just like black hole, seconds later the bags were gone. Must hv found their new owner.

Now can see the floor. In b4, =___='. My room is getting 'semak-ed' because of the stuffs for the wedding. 

I oso clean the interior of mom's myvi. God knows how neglected the car has been since I left Uni.hahahah After lunch, my mom and I headed to Melaka and I stopped by at a car wash to clean the exterior of the car. Yeah now super clean.mueheheh

We wanted to go to Jusco unfortunately the mall was so pack that we couldnt find a parking space. After went around for a while, we exited the parking lots and headed to Tesco. =.='

I have prepared some moolah for my stationery but the excited mom insisted on paying. So, rezeki came rolling why shove it away?hahaha

What's the catch of the day?

1. Note Pad - wanna be a role model to students, jot down important things. gitewww!

2. Scissor - Please dont judge me...... I'm not cute but I bought that cute thing because it was the cheapest of its own. =....=

3. Pens -  one in every color.

4. Cutter - it's a habit since school to have a cutter. 

5. Liquid paper

6. Eraser

7. Contact lenses + the solution. - I told the girl I wanted 3 pairs only. The usual price is RM50. I was confident to pay when the girl told me it's RM120. Gelabah jap. I took all the money in my purse but I only had RM90. Shamelessly, I said sorry, ran to the nearest ATM machine, withdrawn rm50, ran back to the shop. The girl looked confused.hahaha because I ran out without saying anything. I left my RM90 on the table.haha

I dont feel anything at the moment. Maybe because Melaka is soo small, I'm not nervous at all. Normal isit?

Anyhoo, good luck to me and the rest of C4 batch whom lives are gonna make a new turning point tomorrow. InsyaAllah~

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