Sunday, January 8, 2012

Baby talks

My niece is 2 years old ++. Kids at this stage are mostly interesting because they are in the phase of learning how to talk and explore. My brother and sister in law have got their hands full handling the daughter who is most of the time is super active. Too active that grandmas from both side already made statemen 'tak larat nak jaga'.hahaha

I love to ask random questions to Ikha because of the answers. I love the intonation of her words and dialect. Apparently she's got Penang dialect because her babysitter is a Penangite. She used 'na mau' to say 'tak nak'.hahah just cute. Even now Adam, her cousin is following the phrase. Just watch the video! Taken in June.

Just the other day when she was around, as usual I asked her so many questions. I guess she was tired entertaining this lame Mak Lang so she closed her eyes and pretended to sleep. What's funny was she even made the sound 'krohhh krohhh'!!! pretending she was sleeping. Adoiiiiiii. 

The other day, I tagged along my brother and went jalan-jalan and Jusco Bandaraya. My brother wanted to test a newly bought stroller -  bought specially for Kuc/Sibu trip.muehehehe Before this my bro carries ikha around in his arms because if they let ikha to walk by herself, she's gonna run around and they scared if she gets lost.

Hhahahahaha Muka toya protest because she never likes to sit in a stroller. She was sooo angry and moody to sit in it.hahahah The balloon was given by a clown. She was not at all amazed by the balloon. Haha the balloon didnt survive coz Ikha bit it till it burst =_____='

Yeahhhhh I'm freeeeeee! In a state of super active. I literally had to run around to catch her. Since she's witty, she escaped many times. Lame Mak Lang!

HAHAHAHAHAHA My brother said history was made that day when she finally fell asleep in the stroller. First time hokay! This kid is a tough one to sleep unless in quite space and every body also sleeps.hehehe

p/s Mak Lang is in missing mode. Miss ikha. Gonna see her only in May for the wedding. Will you still call me 'Alang'?? =')


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