Friday, January 20, 2012

I'M blessed =)

I arrived home at 7.45pm today. I was tired and hungry. Didnt take my lunch. But all the misery went away when I saw these:

My niece loves camera. Ikha, alang misses you soo much. Will only see you in May =(

Then today my GPK Form 6 came to my table and give me this. A souvenir from the speaker from Hong Kong University. I likeeeeee!

Annnndddddddddddd this kitty is mine!! B bought this for me from Milkadeal. I wanted the monkey but he said not cute.haha Anyhoooooo this is a pendrive. 8GB bebeh!

I'm not updating much these days. Every time I got home I just wanted to lay down, watch tv and sleep.hehe I'm not tired of the work. I'm tired of driving. Traffic jam in Melaka is crazy!

Anyhoo, I'm starting to love my school. Everyday I found at least one cool stuff bout the school. It even made me wanted to not asking for transfer soon. I want to learn more and gain as much as I can from this school coz not everyone can get this golden opportunity to learn. The school has countable no of excellent teachers (Guru cemerlang), the system used is current and modern, i love the learning environment where I can easily spot students revising in the library, at the canteen or any possible spot. I love the fact that this school always strives for excellence and they have this support system to push teacher to be the best. I love everything. But of course the workload is a lot. That's the only downside la. But no pain no gain right? =)

I've told B about my plan to stay at least for a year. Hopefully he will let me la...hehehe

Ok bye!

p/s I miss my B. We talk less now, less msg too. 
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