Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Crocs...


Haha some of you might know how crazy I am of my crocs. Bought it mid 2010 and still wearing and loving it till today.

I assume (yes I assume) that the teachers in my school are allowed not to wear fully covered shoes. So 3 days after reporting to the school, I started wearing my Crocs to school. ngeh ngeh ngeh. But I did feel uncomfortable because the fabric looked sooo worn out so last week I bought a bottle of black dye.

The before


The after. Much better right right right right??

I tot of buying a new one but I could find this design no more. Boo hoo... the latest one doesnt suit my taste at all (ekceli no money to buy..hahahah) soooo ...

Anyhoo, the dye cost me RM2.90 onlehhhhhhhhh!


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