Thursday, January 5, 2012

of wedding talks

I'm sleepy and yawning every 2 minutes. But I'm waiting for the clock to strike 10 then send a message to B and wait for his call.tee hee he's working night shift tonight so I'm left bored. boooo

It's been sometimes since I last update about my wedding preps. Truth is, I'm getting bored with all the wedding talks. This one NO kidding! I was so tired about the various options that I let my mom to choose my wedding dress design and dais. hahah I guess I cant be like the BBF who are so patient and determine to make their big day big.hew hew...

For the color theme, I've decided to stick on purple. Dont care la  if it's the same with my cousin. From a positive point of view I could recycle  use some of her stuffs like purple carpets (this one i lerbbb the most...hahaha) coz you know carpets are expensive, her deco stuffs like flower and the butterflies. I could even borrow their curtains! hehehehe

Yeppp those purple carpets. My auntie got 3 of those. muehehehe

Yerp those butterflies. Though I have no ideas what to do with them =.='

Basically, anything that can be recycled, I would! For the dulang, another auntie has offered to lend me hers which look almost like this.

Thanks Busu =))

So I have to let this idea go plus my mom is totally against this idea. Quote: 'macam hantaran main2"

Apart of being so overwhelmed with all the wedding stuffs, another reason is because I dowan to argue with Mom anymore so most of the time I would say yes to all her suggestions. I know it's my own wedding but it breaks my hear to break hers. I'm scared that I will offend her in any ways terus majlis aku takde berkat. 

My mom wanted to have Malam Berarak oso like my cousin but abah refused. *phew*. So cancel that plan.hahah but she wants me to have the "tukar-tukar costumes" event. I really dont want to change clothes so many times coz it's tiring and when I'm tired, I'll become super grumpy. I tried to appeal (wah gitu) but she'd always use this phrase "ko sorang jeww anak perempuan mak".. Kalau uols sampai hati tak??? I gave in because I'm gonna follow B to Bintulu after that so I make it a must for myself to make my mom happy in every ways through out the wedding. *Sobssss, sayang mak*

So far, I've booked the bridal shop for the dais and dresses, MUA will be my auntie, the one who did mine for engagement, wedding invitation is also done. My mom is still negotiating with her colleague for the catering. Hopefully we can get cheaper price than the quotation.tee hee

B and I are also busy listing out some of the homestays in Kuching for our family trip after the reception. This one I really put all the efforts to search for the best homestay and transportation because it's FREAKIN' family trip to Kuching yalll with all the family members coming!It's gonna be 16 of us weeeeeeeeeeee......hehehehehehehhe see, even thinking about this makes my heart flowery lah~!


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