Thursday, January 12, 2012

Future - What's the plan?

Despite the great news of our placement yesterday, 50% of me feels sad because one thing that stuck in my head is - long distance marriage (LDM). Phew.

B and I discussed on the phone last night. All the possibilities that might come into our way after we get married. We talked about a house, should we rent a house in Bintulu or not. At first, I suggested that we dont need a house because face it, I'm only able to go to Bintulu during long holidays i.e. Mid year and end year school holidays. So I dont think we need a house. We can just stay at the hotel whattttt?hahaaa Plus the price to rent a house is crazy there.

B disagreed. One strong rebuttal: He wants somebody to wait for him when he comes home and send him at the door before he goes to work. Alu cair ati kmk kohhhhhhh. Though I wont be long in Bintulu but he wants to experience all that while I'm there. Ok my sugar, we'll find a house.

We also talked about the frequency of us seeing each other. Obviously B has to B the one to fly to West Malaysia since he only works for 4 days and have 4 days off. Maybe he'll fly back once or twice per month. Boo hoo.. Air Asia and MAS websites are already bookmarked.hahahaha

Never mind.... we can have a LDM like Giuliana and Bill! I always watch their show since the jobless phase started (=_______=') and I admire how they keep the marriage strong despite having a LDM. I can too bebeh! We can! InsyaAllah!


p/s still waiting to know which school I'm gonna spend my sweat, blood and tears.hahaha Hopefully tomorrow then I'll have more semangat to update. Chiaoooo (Giuliana style..hahahha)


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