Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Update laju-laju

Today I went to work. My auntie still needs me to help around at the shop since she still couldnt find new worker. Mak ok jerrrr

Met somebody today who has been waiting to get posted for almost 4 years now. Harus diri rasa bersyukur kan?

Some makciks who lepak-ed at the shop today adviced me to get a real Mak Andam for my wedding because they said my cousin didnt look 'berseri' during the wedding. I was like wuuuuttt?? I dont want any traditional mak andam who will shave my face hair and recite weird mantras...  NO NO NO. But of course I just nodded and smiled. Works everytime bebeh!

Last night I digged into my closet and took out all the baju kurungs to be washed. InsyaAllah I'll be posted this month so I'm starting to make some preparation in case I get posted out of Melaka. Some of the baju kurungs need to be fixed =.='. I guess because all the clothes have been kept for soo long. I seldom wore any baju kurung when I was in UKM except for presentation purposes only. heh

I will update on my cousin's wedding since my relatives have uploaded the pictures on FB. I didnt take any picture of the wedding because.... I was malas. Nuff said. haha



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