Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A drop of rezeki

Last night, rezki has knocked on TESL graduates door, the calling for placement has finally arrived for them. However, it is only for TESL Sekolah Rendah, for us the Sekolah Menengah, InsyaAllah will be announced in few days/weeks/months. Who knows =p

Thank you to our Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education Dr Wee Ka Siong who always try to listen and help us, the 'forgotten' graduates. Just yesterday, I read few tweets/facebook statuses many of my friends who called BPSM and the likes asking for the placement. Unfortunately, they were told that somebody/someone havent given our name lists bla bla bla. So these determined friends later tweeted Dr Wee about the issue. Maybe he did push around, and voila, by midnight, those TESL SR could already check the states, where they are posted. See?? Something is wrong with the system. Luckily nowadays we have technology to go directly to the Big Man and everything is settled.hehe Congratulations to you guys, TESL SR graduates!!


It's been more than a week that rain hasnt stopped by our village. We always joke around at the shop saying that Anis' shirt should be removed from the roof. Haha there's this old believe that to avoid rainy day during a wedding reception, throw a worn shirt of the bride on to the roof. Throw the shirt they did. hahaha But seriously, the weather is super dry and hot.

The card vendor didnt call yesterday. =______________='. But they did just now. So I'm required to go the shop and do final checking before they can print the cards. Why cant they just email it to me??Duh!

I got extra RM5 today.tee heee not much but Alhamdulillah. Now I have enough to pay for the cards and to pay my debt to B. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Today is so much better than yesterday. =)))

p/s I was sooo stress yesterday (deleted the post btw..haha) because I did something so stupid. I was supposed to buy a ticket for my brother from Sibu - KL. I have NEVER made any mistake in purchasing online ticket but I did foolishly this time. I bought a ticket from KL - Sibu intead of the Sibu -KL =_____________________________________='. Of the course I went meroyaning for few days thingking where to find the money to pay since I used B's credit card. I'm gonna pay it back today. Dahlah sesak-sesak duit boleh pulak buat salah yg bodo kan?hehehehe

Ok bye! Harini ada pasar malam lendu. Murtabakkkk!!!


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