Friday, January 27, 2012

Honeymoon is confirmed!

Remember this post? We have to scratch that plan due to foresee circumstances.hee BUTTTT,,,,,,,,,

We are going to Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu, Miri and jeng jeng jeng for our honeymoon.yeahhhhhhh! 

I love to give a theme so for our honeymoon the theme issssssssss *drum rolllllllllllllllls*

BEDOIUN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or Melayunya... BADWI!

Why the because?

We wont be staying in the same place more than 2 nights, that's why.hehehehehehehe We are going to transit to several places within a week.

Anyhoo, B spent the his off days to plan and settle our hotels and activities in jeng jeng jeng. Bookings have been made, deposits have been paid. Now waiting to pack the bag and leave. =))))))

Just a teaser of hotels we are going to stay.

Upon arrival, we'll be staying at this hotel.

The next day we'll leave the city and travel to the high land. Wanna take pictures with cows =))

The following day we will return back to the city and spend our last night here.

If you know the place then you know la. heeee Sajeeee jewww kasi suspen though macam dah tak suspen.hahahaha

You know or not, B, mom, my auntie and even my inner self have been telling me that I look more excited to go jalan-jalan than the wedding. But really, I'm wayyyyyyyyy more excited planning our holidays in different places than my own wedding.hahaha 


Homestay in Kuching: Booked and deposit paid.

Homestay in Sibu: Booked and deposit paid.

Hotel in Bintulu: We all redah jewww.

Hotel in Miri: Pon redah jugak.hahaha

I'm thankful that our rezeki is soo easy with the planning. Since B is the member of Petronas Chemical Group, we got member price for all the hotels which help us to save quite sum of money.hehe Alhamdulillah.

Now, what's next?
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