Saturday, January 14, 2012

Wee Hoo~

Assalam lovely people =)

Today was fun. My uncle and auntie had a kenduri doa selamat to celebrate their wedding anniversary and to celebrate that all their kids have finished school and working now. My auntie went all out with the food as she prepared almost 7 different dishes - daging salai masak lemak with rebung, ayam masak merah, pisang masak lemak, sambal jawa, sambal melayu (haahahaha), acar, ikan masin bulu ayam (hahahahaha) and sambal belacan. Eh! Altogether were 8 dishes la....haha please be informed that all the names are not made by me. It's the real name! Not to mention many many kuehs (cakes) like kuih bakar (the favourite), kuih seri muka, kuih telinga k, marble cake and I couldnt remember anymore =___='

Not related. B, this is kuih bantal =p

As of wedding preparation, Alhamdulillah, everything almost sorted their way into the picture. I'm no longer stress about unnecessary thing. I was so stress that Miss Red was late for a week this month.hahahaha aMainly because I'm gonna start working next week. Yeay half month salary for January.Muahaha

Apart from that, I've got many people wanted to sponsor this and that, lent me this and that. Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah. You know what, about a week ago I told my mom that I dont want to decorate the bedroom with purple theme. Just want something pastel, or light color and I chose cream. God is great, today Mak Teh, my auntie brought her gorgeous curtain completed with the scallop for the room. She made the curtain for Kak Ana's wedding back in 2005 and never been used since. And it's cream/light gold. =)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))). 

So far:

Groom: Checked. I'll have this one.hahahaha

Venue: Checked

Theme color: Rainbow. Checked. haha

Bridal: Checked

Dresses: Pending 

Invitation cards: Almost check

Photography: Checked.

Catering: Checked

Canopy: Pending.

The rest: Almost checked.

B has started his legal document process on his side. One thing is, can HIV form from Sarawak be used in Melaka? Should be right? It's confusing since different states have its own Jabatan Agama, the rules and regulations oso different. Well, gonna call MAIM one of these days...

Now now I know wedding stuff is boring. 

Tomorrow I'm gonna go and spend soma moneyhhhhhhh for pens, pencils, ruler, liquid paper etc. Gosh i'm excited as if I'm going back to school. HEHEHEHE My mom is excited too. We went to Pasar Malam in Alor Gajah today and she stopped at this booth, selling brooches. She asked me to choose anything that I like. We went shopping brooches yawwww!hahahah 

Ok la. bye!

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