Saturday, January 7, 2012


To the government, please please please please please call me to report for service asap!hehehe You wont want to miss a highly excited teacher who wants to start giving back to the nation. wah gitu! yeappp. Been unemployed for 8 months and counting babeh!


Today was a bit slow. This morning, I accompanied mom to Honda Service center. We arrived at 10.55am as our appointment was at 11.15am. When the receipt came back, it was stated that the estimated time for delivery was at 3PM!!! I was already hungry so I bugged mom to go somewhere else. I called for a taxi and by 12pm, we were in Jusco. yeah yeah yeah. We went for lunch first before jalan-jalan. The weirdest thing was while eating, we got a call from the service center saying that the car was ready. Whattttt??!!! It's like the first time in history since mom bought the car that it took less than 2 hours for the service. =___________=

Cut story mory short, after the service, we later went to the shop where I book my wedding cards. It was supposed to be the final checking before printing. I was disappointed. The design from B's side was not ready, not complete. They even put the map to my house on his side. I was disappointed because:
  1. it has been a month since I put down half of the deposit.
  2. they never give me any email to inform about the progress. I had to call first asking. They promised to email.
  3. after a month, i expect only some minor errors but it was larger than that.
  4. I called on Friday saying that I was going to see the draft today and they still had the nerve to show me unfinished work. *sad*
I'm a cool bride *puke*. I dont like to show my annoyance in front of people. So I told the kakak nicely to finish it and I want it to be done asap. Because they agreed in the first place that the cards would be ready in 2 weeks. Alhamdulillah, the kakak was apologetic of the situation. She looked disappointed too looking at the card because it was done by one of the staffs who were on leave. Haish. The kakak promises to have the matter done - she even wrote 'URGENT' on my draft and would like for me to come back on Monday. HEHE

Even mom was looking angrier than me.hahahahahaha Hopefully it will turn out so fine.


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