Sunday, January 22, 2012

4 months and 4 days

I drive my mom crazy every time I tell her:

"Mak, we only have 4 months 7 days before the wedding"

And I say it about 4 times a week.hahaha

4 months baby, 4 months.

Update on the wedding preps:

1. Wedding invitation - Done! But havent collected yet since I got no time to go =.='

2. Homestay in Kuching - Deposit paid!

3. Homestay in Sibu -  Deposit paid!

4. Horny moon -  Flight ticket checked! Still surveying for hotel and activities though. We ols going to Negeri Di bawah bayu jewww since cuti xpanjang. HEHEHE -  I cannot apply for CRK since I'm still in probation period. Plus cuti kawen mom said only 2 days jewww.

Anyhoo, I've decided that all my diy(s) idea will not be carried out since I dont have time. I'll make used of everything that's available.hehehe

Like I said before, I dont really follow my color theme. I'm so over that already because it's tiring and expensive to really do that. Mom is always worried that the curtain wont match the color theme and I hate it if that makes her stress. I want everybody to be happy, food is good and have a barakah reception. wah gitu!

But seriously, nowadays if people ask me what's the color theme/ theme, I'd say -  Rainbow theme.hahaha

My quarter chinese boipren. I miss u, u know or not? =p

Happy Chinese New Year Encik Sepul!!

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