Monday, January 16, 2012

Another chapter has begun~

Hello everyone!

Today was the day I enter adulthood. Alhamdulillah, I've arrived to the beginning of this new journey, unknown of the path and will strive to survive it. I am officially a teacher! Cikgu Nurul =)

Today I went to JPN, carrying hopes and prayers from parents, family and friends, mixed with anxiety about what to expect. I arrived at JPN Melaka around 7.35am then headed to the respective meeting place. There, I saw many individuals, permanent teachers like me and some the contract teachers. Overall, there were 17 teachers to be posted (permanent teachers) today and 5 of us were TESLians and the rest ERT, Perdagangan etc.

We werent given the official letter for our placement on the spot. Some briefings were given first. One of the teachers who sat near to the speaker told me I got a school in Merlimau. I was like.... whoaaaa jauhnye..... straight away msged mom. Later, we were called one by one to collect our letter. I read my name. Below my name was the name of my school. I froze. It's not in Merlimau. It's at the center of the city.

I used to tell B I dont want this school. Because the school is too good and I dont think my standard can match theirs. God has its own plan, I got the school that I've been praying not to get. I didnt know how to react. I literally stood there, reading over and over again the name of the school. It's a freakin cluster school, a premier school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhoo, after I was defrost.hahaha I drove alone, singing my lungs out to the music from the radio. 35 minutes later I arrived in front of the school. I talked to the guard, drove my car in, asked around and climb ed flight of stairs that seemed no end. I entered the office, Assalamualaikum, saya cikgu baru nak melapor diri.

The principal wasnt in so I waited for few minutes, filling in forms and got to know the clerks. and some teachers. and some parents.hehehe One man walked into the office. It was the principal. Followed him into the room. bla bla bla. He told me I'll be teaching MUET. I was like whattt? it's form 6 students rite? it's Pre-U students rite? I got heart attack right there and then.hahaha ok tipu. I was so nervous. But I'll be teaching lower form 6. Since the students will only come in May, I'll be trained by my mentor who teaches the Upper 6 students on how to teach MUET. So basically I'll be observing in the class and given some relief classes. HEHEHE

After the meeting. I met the clerk again. This time she handed me a file, for lesson plans, a punch, a stapler and staples, a black whiteboard marker and a 4GB pen drive. I was so sakai that I got a pendrive.hahahahahahaha FYI, all the lesson plans can be downloaded from the easy peasy la like that.hahaha but more paperwork and admin stuffs for teachers.

Mom said: Hint soh buat keja banyak.hahahahah

***** eh panjang pulak...still nak baca ke?? sila scroll....haha*********

After that I went to see GPK Form 6 and introduced myself bla bla bla. The teacher brought me to the staff room and introduced me to some of the teachers. After that I walked around the staff rooms and introduced myself. I barely remember all the names but I'll get it some days.hehe I was given a table opposite guru panitia b.inggeris so I'm lucky.Lucky because I'll force myself to speak in English instead of BM. My English has become soooo rusty.

Then.... I went to see the GPK Co curriculum, to ask about my 'tasks'.heheheh  I was given 2 choices between rugby and squash. Hell yeah I'd choose the latter.hahaha then he said I'll be in PBSM too. =___='. I hv no experience in that uniform body but I'll learn. Actually I asked to be in the debate club since the guru panitia wants me there but I failed. Takpolah..hahah

I didnt know what time teachers were supposed to go back. Since it's a cluster school. the system is a bit different. I was informed that today was a meeting day for sport club. So off I went to the respective place for the meeting. We basically chose the head of the club like the chair man bla bla. SO that's my first task of the day.hehehe

I left the school compound at 4.25pm and arrived home some times around 5pm....huarghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

I just realised that I didnt eat anything nor drink a drop of water since morning. Sampai rumah baru rasa dehydrated gilerrr.

I pray that this is the best school for me to start my career, to build my self confidence and personality. God knows. I pray that I will learn more and grow mature and be the best teacher for my students. I foresee circumstances on the way but I pray I'll be strong, determine and committed to the job. InsyaAllah =)

p/s Name of the school is not mentioned for privacy purposes. hee
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