Thursday, January 26, 2012

I is happy

Today I went to work with my auntie. She needed help since she couldnt find my substitute yet. I didnt think but said yes on the spot.

I guess that gave some people heartache. Because me, the so called teacher was downgrading myself by working as a waitress. I was like..whatt??? Second class mind.

Takpela. Anyway, thanks for your concern =)

I have my own reasons. 
Primarily, I enjoy working there. Honestly. 

2ndly, this is my way of saying thanks to my auntie. You werent there when I felt my world was crashing. I was jobless for 6 months back then with a wedding to prepare. My auntie helped me by employing me to work with her. For almost 3 months working there, my mood improved tremendously. You might not know but you can ask my fiance. He knows. You can ask my mom. She knows. I was happy. Really happy. I stopped complaining how bad my life was. I stopped looking down on myself. I respect myself better.

That's why.

I'm happy. that matters.
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