Sunday, November 28, 2010

missing my niece and nephew

p/s gambar adam skit je sebab semua gmbar yg ada muka masam..hoho
Saturday, November 27, 2010

tul steng steng

ak sek mood ri tok. pen and sak at. sum or mk a pie of me. am tok rang si. ak mal mk lay. mak sak at. nur ad si jak lam dun tok. mok bel ked ne gik nak. to hell la

ak pun mok mas k di pun kad kad mal mok pik pas or la bh. ko pun sik tah mun 24/7 or mes ka ca ka nak?
Friday, November 26, 2010

Reality is cruel+ engagement ring

My worst fear right now is my weight. I was happy after my teaching practice that i lost 4KGs without i realised it. Really really happy. Unfortunately, the stress brought by my thesis last time made me eat more. and more. I gained another 2KGs. Then i told my self, nah, i can shed that 2 kilos in no time. Peanuts!

Last week, on the day of Eidul Adha, my weight was static after all the food i munched. Well, still ok. Happy of course.

Last night, i saw the scale next to the couch. So gatal la pegi pijak. #@$%^&*( I am back to my original kgs before i went for my practicum. WTH??

I am worried. I have 4months to lose some kilos and less than a year to get the ideal weight. I dont want to burst my wedding dress. Well havent found any but surely i want to fit in the SS size!!! $%^&*(. and one more thing, gaining more kilos make my finger fatter. B is coming next January to buy my engagement ring. Fat finger means more $$$$$!!!

 I bought that gold ring end of 2008 and i wore it on my middle finger. As you can see, can fit no more. i have fat fingers T____T

On a different note, I am happy. I have started discussing with my mom about my wedding. What i want and what i dont. And i told her where we are going to buy the ring, barang hantaran. all that stuffs. WEEEEE.!!!

and B is coming next January (mentioned already right???) oh well, excited much? =) We are going to choose the engagement ring together gether. the initial plan was to send a cheap one to him but no fun doing that. Nak jugak same2 orait. jOM Berangan bersama:

Once again: ini adalah untuk BERANGAN sahaja! i dont have the heart to 'rob' B just for a ring. hehe tp kalau bole pa salahnya...muehehehehehhee

p/s B, no pressure here. just k berangan jak =P

p/p/s If i get the emos type engagement ring, for the wedding, maybe no more ring. a bracelet will do =)

p/p/p/s Pictures from google=)
Sunday, November 21, 2010
i feel like breathing fire right now. i can feel the warm air coming out of my nose. i am having sore throat and feeling very uneasy. i dont want to get sick. waaa...
Friday, November 19, 2010

OH i am a temporary mom~

Right now i am babysitting my nephew for few days as his parents is busy packing and repacking to move to a new house. So far i am doing fine except i am tired and sleepy most of the time. i woke up several times last night because i sorted of heard Adam's crying but actually he was sleeping soundly. orang melayu kate terngiang2.huhu

You know multi tasking is hard for me so i really have a different views to all mothers out there who can handle children, housechores, career at the same time. I find it hard for me to cook and look after Adam at the same time because scary thoughts always flash in my mind when he's not in front of me. 'What if he picks something and put it in his mouth? What if there's an insect waiting to bit him? What if he's hungry but i dont get his cue? you know like all sorts of thoughts. 

because all those scary images, my house is a total mess. i dont check on laundry. there are piles of dirty dish in the sinks. dry clothes waiting to be fold and kept in the drawers. oily kitchen. i just dont care as long as Adam is right in front of me. Right now i can blog because he's just fallen asleep. =)

i wonder if all mothers out there are facing the same situation as me. Mothers are cool ok. I respect single mothers more also. It's hard you see because the worryness will never go away!

k la peeps. i am sleepy. and hungry too.
Sunday, November 14, 2010

Busy BEE

feel like i've abandoned this blog for quite sometimes now thought it's just for 2 days.haha i've been so caught up with work lately -- yes you read that riight. i am busy with the new opening of my blogshop CHIC HIJAB last few weeks. only now i can put all my attention to it after exam and thesis.

Alhamdulillah to God the Almighty because our business is running smoothly. We received satisfactory responses from the customers. Now we are working towards finding agents to market our product. Gosh, this is exciting. But a hehyuuuge gratitude to my business partner who believes in us and always has many ideas towards improving our business. you are gonna be one hell of a mother soon, SUsie!!

Apart from that, i've been stressed finding the perfect photographer for my wedding. yes, it is stressful!! sampai gado2 ngn B. muehhehe so far we have two options. One from Razali - amboi macam bunyi bestfren kan. So far, i like his work the most. He was suggested by my SIL. gambar die memang the bomb! please go to the link and tell me what you think of their work.hehe another one is my friend's sister. But we are still waiting for the sample and packages offered from them.

We have not had the exact date for our big day but InsyaAllah, next month we'll get the date. But surely it will be sometimes in Disember. A long time still huh? yea..but still sometimes i will get the panic attack. What if the photographer is fully booked? what if the mak andam is also booked? i dont wanna end up with crappy photographer or mak andam. waaa...

ok la. enough with the Bridezilla craps.

So, how's your holidays? =)
Friday, November 12, 2010

something for me =)

 i arrived home pretty late today. ran some errands with Suzie till late afternoon.

i saw a parcel on my bed. 

This was from B. A planner for our big day! =)

Thanks B!

tak mo ah sedih2 nak cuti, tp

apsal barang aku macam banyak giler ni? muat ke kereta??
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Depressing, happy and sad~

i was so tired yesterday. i woke up at 5.30 in the chill morning just to re-print my thesis.after some house chores, i left home at 8.30am and arrived at UKM at 10am. Sent my thesis to be re-binded. Went for lunch at Metro Point. At 3pm, went Alamanda to find stuffs and something for dinner. At 5.30, i landed my right feet in my room. Chatted to long-lost room mate (actually only for a week) till 7pm. then took shower, had dinner and spread the note sheets on the table.

Few minutes later:

My head was on the table. shifting for comfortable position to take a nap. Attempts failed. Shifted to bed and asked my room mate to wake me after 15minutes. She did. told her another 1/2 hour. woke up. there was knocked on the door. so not in the mood to entertain guest. took my phone and called B. then sibling. Then Redzu. More people came to my room. aigoo...

In one hour hot-to-my-ear phone conversation, i started planning who'll be my wedding photographer.hehehe that's the only thing that cheered my mood last night.

i dont care about luxurious over the top wedding dress, the dais and other sort of thing. but i want my wedding pictures to be amazing. because that's the only thing left after all the receptions right?

Jom berangan bersama:

I dont really like overly-posed wedding pictures. because it's not natural. i love to look at the brides who's pictures were taken without they realise it. there's a glow on their faces. Happy glows! and i want that. and at the family members' faces too. the makciks. pakciks, cousins, the parents.these people will determine whether it's a fun wedding reception or not.

and another one, i dont understand why couples love to take their wedding pictures in the  bush, or abandoned house or the street behind the buildings. Korang dating kat situ ke ape? well just my 2cents.

p/s a relative of mine was involved in an accident with his friend. Both of them lost their lives yesterday. Can read the news, here

p/s sorry for shoving all depressing, happy and sad moments in one post.
Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let's see it from here

tajuk tiada kaitan. it just popped in my mind.

wanna tell you what imma do this week in one nafas. *inhale*

starting tomorrow till thursday imma:

wake up early prepare breakfast since mom's not here clean the house packing go to suz's house pick up the green thingy (my thesis) go mydin to buy mineral water go to ukm packing stuffs tuesday wake up early hand in the green thingy to madam with ambun and steve then rush to jalan tar new stocks surveying new product then return to ukm do sommore packing sleep wednesday study the whole day with leen because havent learned a single word of lit subject be in a state of stress eat more poop not to forget watch HIMYM sleep some more thurs come the last day of exam wake up early drink nescafe go for exam answer successfully *hopefully* go out the dewan smiling ear to ear menyon with anyone who wants to menyon eat good food spend the last bit of allowance pack some more and sleep.


i;ll be back on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yiihuu...and it's the end of the sem and one more semester left. aren't you as excited as i am?

p/s will babysit my nephew for the whole week next. yeah ada budak menjus macam aku.yea yea yea yea yyea *the chants continue*
it has been a depressing week. shall not say it here. what ever it is,hopefully next week will be better. InsyaAllah~
Friday, November 5, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sent it and now i can go back being sick peacefully~

yeah you read that right. i am not well, with flu attack and slight fever, i am not well. my nose's been blocked since last night. and my throat sore like..erm...sore la. and i got one mouth ulcer which make it difficult for me to chew. nice huh? a rare opportunity to stop eating. right?

yea right. i just gobbled 2 large pizza hut slices i bought after sending my thesis to be binded. Bought it to 'chia' for my family since they have been really supportive. ade korang cakap terima kasih kat mak thesis dah siap? takde? sila pegi beli pizza skarang!

hope i will be well before going to visit adam this weekend. eii cant wait. till then people.
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

tido pun nak senyum jugak

i am so exhausted. mentally and physically. spent a day at Jalan TAR getting new stocks for shawls. and mentally because i am rushing against the very the limited time to polish up my thesis. dammit. i spent almost 3 hours fixing the what..erm..format, indent, spacing, and what not. havent started with the grammar and structures. my eyes are damn heavy right now. i woke up as early as 4.30a.m - due to minor flu attack and restless mind. i was thinking about my thesis the whole night. i left my laptop charger at home and i couldnt do anything about my thesis. what a bad week.

okkkaayyy..enough crappin. just now i called B. my head was heavy. my flu's getting worst. and i was sooo sleepy. we chatted for a while. then he said he wanted to sing for me. so i let him sing.

he sang 'Just The Way You are by Bruno Mars! I am seriously touched. you know he's been practicing how to sing that song. and before he sang, he told me he was quite nervous. cute. ok la..sila pergi muntah.

his singing made me smile. enough said =)

from here

Good night people. have beautiful dream everybody! =)
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