Friday, November 19, 2010

OH i am a temporary mom~

Right now i am babysitting my nephew for few days as his parents is busy packing and repacking to move to a new house. So far i am doing fine except i am tired and sleepy most of the time. i woke up several times last night because i sorted of heard Adam's crying but actually he was sleeping soundly. orang melayu kate terngiang2.huhu

You know multi tasking is hard for me so i really have a different views to all mothers out there who can handle children, housechores, career at the same time. I find it hard for me to cook and look after Adam at the same time because scary thoughts always flash in my mind when he's not in front of me. 'What if he picks something and put it in his mouth? What if there's an insect waiting to bit him? What if he's hungry but i dont get his cue? you know like all sorts of thoughts. 

because all those scary images, my house is a total mess. i dont check on laundry. there are piles of dirty dish in the sinks. dry clothes waiting to be fold and kept in the drawers. oily kitchen. i just dont care as long as Adam is right in front of me. Right now i can blog because he's just fallen asleep. =)

i wonder if all mothers out there are facing the same situation as me. Mothers are cool ok. I respect single mothers more also. It's hard you see because the worryness will never go away!

k la peeps. i am sleepy. and hungry too.


sword said...

syg,be a good mother n ibu mithali,k...amin..hehe

saya afi. said...

he's super cute!!

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