Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Depressing, happy and sad~

i was so tired yesterday. i woke up at 5.30 in the chill morning just to re-print my thesis.after some house chores, i left home at 8.30am and arrived at UKM at 10am. Sent my thesis to be re-binded. Went for lunch at Metro Point. At 3pm, went Alamanda to find stuffs and something for dinner. At 5.30, i landed my right feet in my room. Chatted to long-lost room mate (actually only for a week) till 7pm. then took shower, had dinner and spread the note sheets on the table.

Few minutes later:

My head was on the table. shifting for comfortable position to take a nap. Attempts failed. Shifted to bed and asked my room mate to wake me after 15minutes. She did. told her another 1/2 hour. woke up. there was knocked on the door. so not in the mood to entertain guest. took my phone and called B. then sibling. Then Redzu. More people came to my room. aigoo...

In one hour hot-to-my-ear phone conversation, i started planning who'll be my wedding photographer.hehehe that's the only thing that cheered my mood last night.

i dont care about luxurious over the top wedding dress, the dais and other sort of thing. but i want my wedding pictures to be amazing. because that's the only thing left after all the receptions right?

Jom berangan bersama:

I dont really like overly-posed wedding pictures. because it's not natural. i love to look at the brides who's pictures were taken without they realise it. there's a glow on their faces. Happy glows! and i want that. and at the family members' faces too. the makciks. pakciks, cousins, the parents.these people will determine whether it's a fun wedding reception or not.

and another one, i dont understand why couples love to take their wedding pictures in the  bush, or abandoned house or the street behind the buildings. Korang dating kat situ ke ape? well just my 2cents.

p/s a relative of mine was involved in an accident with his friend. Both of them lost their lives yesterday. Can read the news, here

p/s sorry for shoving all depressing, happy and sad moments in one post.


sword said...

hehehe chaiyo2!semangat kawen yg bkobar2

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