Sunday, November 7, 2010

Let's see it from here

tajuk tiada kaitan. it just popped in my mind.

wanna tell you what imma do this week in one nafas. *inhale*

starting tomorrow till thursday imma:

wake up early prepare breakfast since mom's not here clean the house packing go to suz's house pick up the green thingy (my thesis) go mydin to buy mineral water go to ukm packing stuffs tuesday wake up early hand in the green thingy to madam with ambun and steve then rush to jalan tar new stocks surveying new product then return to ukm do sommore packing sleep wednesday study the whole day with leen because havent learned a single word of lit subject be in a state of stress eat more poop not to forget watch HIMYM sleep some more thurs come the last day of exam wake up early drink nescafe go for exam answer successfully *hopefully* go out the dewan smiling ear to ear menyon with anyone who wants to menyon eat good food spend the last bit of allowance pack some more and sleep.


i;ll be back on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yiihuu...and it's the end of the sem and one more semester left. aren't you as excited as i am?

p/s will babysit my nephew for the whole week next. yeah ada budak menjus macam aku.yea yea yea yea yyea *the chants continue*


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